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Whooping cough in Europe. Greece announced the death of two minors

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W Greece 230 cases of whooping cough have been recorded since the beginning of the year, 25 times more than in 2023 – AMNA reported on Thursday. Because of a dangerous virus two children died in the country.

In recent months in several European countries, including Greece, an increase in the number of whooping cough cases was recorded compared to previous years. Almost all patients are children and teenagers. Two sick infants died and at least three required hospitalization.

A state of epidemic due to whooping cough was announced in May w Bulgaria, a record number of people also got sick, including: In Czech Republic, where the highest number of cases in several decades was recorded.

Whooping cough is spreading across Europe. Reports of further cases

Whooping cough also called whooping cough, it is caused by the so-called bacteria. whooping cough bacilli. It is an acute infectious disease of the respiratory system, and the typical symptom in children and infants are attacks of “barking” cough combined with the secretion of sticky secretions. In adults, whooping cough is characterized by a chronic cough. Patients from risk groups may experience complications and even death.

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This forgotten disease did not pose a major threat for many years thanks to vaccinations. Now the situation has changed dramatically. Since the beginning of the year Europa is struggling with a sudden increase in the number of cases. Alarming data comes in, among others: With Denmark, Belgium i Great Britainbut the epicenter of the disease is considered to be the central and southern regions Europe.

Europe is fighting whooping cough. The reason for the increase in disease incidence was indicated

According to the Greek National Public Health Organization, the increase in cases may be related to the delayed immunization process in some age groups pandemic Covid-19.

Disturbing data also appear in… Poland. During the first four months of 2024 1,680 infections were reportedwhile as of 2020, only a few hundred cases were recorded in the full 12 months.

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