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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Whose arena is the tatami? A question from “Millionaires” for 20,000 zlotys

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Whose arena is the tatami: judokas, monster trucks, discus and boxers? Joanna GÄ…siorowska from Warsaw answered this question from “Millionaires” for PLN 20,000.

The competitor has so far answered five questions correctly and used one lifebuoy – a question to the audience. There were still seven questions left for the jackpot.

One of them was about sport.

Whose arena is the tatami?

A: judokas B: monster trucks C: discus boots D: boxers

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We call a tatami a Japanese mat originally made of rice straw and igusa grass. In the past, it was mainly lined with chanoyu rooms, i.e. traditional tea drinking. Nowadays, tatami made with the use of plastics, such as foam, are more and more common. The mat has found its application in martial arts, such as judo, aikido and ju-jitsu. So the correct answer is A.

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