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Sunday, November 28, 2021

“Why, the four-legged freak” – finish the hyena’s mockery of the camel. A question from “Millionaires” for PLN 125,000

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Finish the hyena’s mockery of the camel: “this is a four-legged freak”: “to eat something like this on a rotisserie”, “you can approach, but be careful”, “you can burst with laughter”, “disgusting and probably godless”. Joanna Gąsiorowska from Warsaw answered this question in “Millionaires” for PLN 125,000.

Ms Joanna started the game in the Wednesday episode where she answered eight questions correctly. It exceeded the second guaranteed prize of PLN 40,000. Up to a million, she only had four questions left.

When approaching the question for PLN 125,000, the competitor did not have a single lifebuoy at her disposal.

Finish the hyena’s mockery of the camel: “that’s the four-legged freak …

AND: to eat something like that on the rotisserie ”
B: can be approached, but with caution ”
C: you can burst with laughter ”
D: loathsome and probably impious “

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The quoted fragment comes from a poem for children in which the camel and the hyena are the title characters. Its author is Jan Brzechwa. In the poem, the hyena, mocking the camel, teases him with the words: “Why, a four-legged freak, / You can burst out of laughter!” So the correct answer is C..

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