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Wielichowska on the new health minister: it will only last. Politicians’ comments about Katarzyna Sójka’s new function

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The new minister will only last, Monika Wielichowska, an MP from the Civic Coalition, said on Wednesday in “Fakty po Faktach” about the new head of the health ministry. As she emphasized, Katarzyna Sójka, who took over after the dismissal of Adam Niedzielski, rarely appeared at the meetings of the health committee in which she sat. In turn, according to Wojciech Konieczny, the senator of the Left Club, the main task of the new head of the health ministry is “to be a contrast to the previous minister.”

dismissed Adam Niedzielski in position The Minister of Health will be replaced by PiS MP Katarzyna Sójka – a doctor, a member of the health commission and the first woman to head this ministry since Ewa Kopacz. She is known primarily for her controversial statement in which, referring to the death of a pregnant patient in a hospital in Nowy Targ, she stated that “women unfortunately died, are dying and will die”.

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New health minister ‘will only last’

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Wojciech Konieczny, a senator of the PPS and the coalition club of the Left, and Monika Wielichowska, an MP from the Civic Coalition, who were Diana Rudnik’s guests on Wednesday in “Fakty po Faktach”, admitted that they had not noticed that Katarzyna Sójka often participated in meetings of the parliamentary health committee, where Wielichowska also sits.

– The MP has never been active. She was always sitting somewhere in the back, I didn’t hear many of her statements, I remember one very much when she talked about the drama of women, that Polish women were dying, are dying and will die – noted Monika Wielichowska. – The minister will only last. It is 60 days (up to elections – ed.) and will not take any responsible decision for the ministry – assessed the MP, noting that, for example, “frozen” bills on in vitro or on increases for health care workers are waiting to be processed.

Monika Wielichowska (PO) and Wojciech Konieczny (Left) in “Fakty po Faktach” TVN“Facts after Facts” TVN

Senator Konieczny, for the sake of patients, wished the new minister happiness, but assessed that “her main task is to be a contrast to the previous minister.” – The previous minister was a technocratic person, a representative of the managerial system, he treated the Ministry of Health, health care, patients as part of a great machine, a consortium he manages (…). And the minister is supposed to be a warm person, one who cooperates with patients, who sees patients in the clinic. I don’t know the minister either, and I attend committees as a representative of the Senate, said Konieczny.

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“The crisis was spreading, spilling over”

Wojciech Konieczny referred to the Prime Minister’s words Mateusz Morawieckiwho spoke of “continuing the recovery process” in healthcare. – Putting such separate people (…) and saying that one is to continue the achievements of the other is as if a swimmer were to continue the achievements of an artistic gymnast. Oh no. These are two different characters, two different views on health care – said Konieczny.

The senator noted that the current health ministers “do not have a political position”. – You cannot make real changes in health care, substantive and professional, if you do not have a political position (…). The crisis was growing, spilling over the electorate of Law and Justice. Nobody wants to be treated in this way as a patient – said a representative of the Left club.

According to Konieczny, the sense of security among patients is now a serious problem. – Doctors see patients, for example, with difficult, embarrassing diseases, all this is recorded in the computer. The patient comes, I write everything, this network is available to National Health Fund, for everyone. I am afraid that patients will stop being honest in their conversations with doctors (…). You hear more at the doctor than at the confessional. You hear the whole truth. Maybe something is hidden in the confessional, but everything is said in front of the doctor, because everyone wants to be healthy – said the senator.

– It must be made clear that our freedom is at stake. And not only the freedom of politicians tracked by Pegasus. We have a pregnancy register, we have more and more sensitive data (…), information about vaccinations, information about treatments, we have Ziobro’s prosecutor’s office, which discloses the victim’s data. How are we supposed to feel safe in this country under surveillance by the current authorities? We have to chase this authority in the fall and then the patient will be safe – commented Wielichowska.

Main photo source: “Facts after Facts” TVN

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