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Wieliszew. He was carrying a small child on his bicycle. He was drunk. Witnesses reacted

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Witnesses alerted the police about a cyclist who they believed might be drunk. The man was riding a bicycle with his three-year-old daughter. According to the police, the 46-year-old breathed two permille. The child was placed in the mother's care, and the father will face the consequences.

Police officers from Wieliszew received information about a drunk cyclist. “According to the reports, the man fell while carrying a child on his bicycle,” said Commissioner Justyna Stopińska from the District Police Headquarters in Legionowo in a statement.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found witnesses and the emergency medical team. “They conducted a sobriety test on a 46-year-old cyclist, and the breathalyzer showed over 2 per mille of alcohol in his body. After being examined by rescuers, the 3-year-old was handed over to her mother, and the irresponsible resident of the commune spent the night in a police cell,” added Stopińska.

He heard the accusation

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After sobering up, the 46-year-old was charged with exposing a minor to immediate danger of loss of life or serious bodily harm. According to the police, the man confessed to committing the crime and voluntarily submitted to punishment. In accordance with the currently applicable regulations, he was also fined PLN 2,500 for the offense of riding a bicycle under the influence of alcohol.

Police officers from Wieliszew are conducting activities in this case under the supervision of the District Prosecutor's Office in Legionowo.

The officers thanked the witnesses of the incident for their appropriate response and assistance. “Thanks to a quick civic attitude, perhaps a tragedy did not occur,” they emphasized.

Main photo source: TVN24

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