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Wierzawice. 17-year-old girl dies in railroad crossing accident The driver had previously let another train through

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A tragedy at an unguarded railway crossing in Wierzawice near Leżajsk (Podkarpackie Province). The locomotive collided with a passenger car, which had apparently been passed by another train earlier. As a result of the accident, a 17-year-old passenger died, and the 45-year-old driver was hospitalized.

The accident took place on Saturday around 11 am on an unguarded railway crossing in Wierzawice in Podkarpacie. The locomotive hit the passenger car, throwing the Ford passenger car off the tracks. There were two people in the vehicle, a 17-year-old passenger died on the spot.

An accident at a railway crossing in Wierzawice near LeżajskSubcarpathian police

Police: The driver probably did not notice the locomotive

According to police, the car was driven by a 45-year-old man who was taken to the hospital in serious condition after the accident.

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– Preliminary findings show that the driver stopped before the crossing and let the passenger train pass. Then he drove onto the tracks, not noticing that a locomotive was coming from the other side, Anna Klee-Bylica from the press team of the Podkarpacie police informed us.

An accident at a railway crossing in Wierzawice near LeżajskKP PSP Leżajsk

Firefighters: It’s a dangerous ride

As the spokesman for the Leżajsk fire brigade, Brigadier Wojciech Długosz, reminded in an interview with tvn24.pl, in 2018 there was a similar accident here. Then a passenger car collided with a passenger train, two people died. – This is a crossing with no lights and tollgates, a quite dangerous place – emphasized the fireman.

Three fire engines were at the scene on Saturday. The causes of the tragedy are being investigated by the police under the supervision of the prosecutor.

Main photo source: KP PSP Leżajsk

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