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Wild, beautiful, destroyed. The crisis of Polish rivers

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Rivers in Poland are in a terrible condition – unnecessarily transformed, concreted, poisoned. Many of them have lost their natural ecological functions. Michał Zygmunt, a musician and climate activist, talked on TVN24 about why rivers are so important for our life and survival.

We celebrated March 22 World Water Day. It aims to make people aware that we have a limited supply of this precious resource, although waters cover 71 percent of our planet. Human activity contributes to the deterioration of surface water quality, leads to the intensification of devastating droughts and floods. Rivers are in a particularly difficult situation. It is estimated that 80 percent of the rivers in Poland have been transformed in such a way that their ecological functions have been impaired.

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Wildness and destruction

As Michał Zygmunt, a musician and climate activist, told in the program “You get up and the weekend”, rivers speak to us, but we can’t really listen to them.

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– I am a sound hunter who uses special microphones to record and record various sounds. This is where my activist path began, from listening to the river, from my first fascination with wildness and nature, he said. – I have witnessed the degradation of these rivers and this does not allow me to remain silent so that (…) my children can listen to the river in the future – he explained.

Zygmunt emphasized that despite catastrophic visions, “wildness and great beauty” can still be found on rivers.

“Undercut” rivers

The bad condition of rivers in Poland is largely the result of improperly conducted investments. – When it comes to the bad thing, those people who make fun of us for the unfortunate pace of change are not on the river – noted Zygmunt. – We, river people, are at the rivers, we collect dead fish – he added. He pointed out that as a result of “this concrete, this regulation”, the river is like “undercut” and “no longer has the ability to clean”.

He warned that human shortsightedness was leading to less and less access to drinking water. – Many of us try to shout very loudly. We are armed with awareness and knowledge, we can see what is happening.

A conversation about the state of Polish rivers with climate activist Michał ZygmuntTVN24

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