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Will changes in TVP be delayed? “Public media must be cleansed of political officials”

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An attempt to delay changes, not to block them – this is how the new authorities, who are determined to restore the public nature of public media, assess the movements around TVP. And this direction – as he assures – will not be changed either by the appointment of a proxy or by the decision of the Constitutional Tribunal issued at the request of PiS MPs.

There are no cosmetic changes here – representatives of the new government, while still in opposition, talked about depoliticizing the public media. – We simply need to replace the management of TVP, because without it we will not be able to move forward – says Krzysztof Gawkowski, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Affairs from the New Left, who adds that the sooner this process starts, the better. – Public media must be cleansed of political officials – emphasizes the minister

Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz – as Donald Tusk announced – will be responsible for “restoring these media to Poles.” – The decision was made on October 15 and it is only a matter of postponing the regaining of public media by citizens by a few hours, maybe a few days – says Marek Rutka, a member of the National Media Council on behalf of the New Left.

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On Thursday, December 14, a protest took place in front of the TVP Info headquarters in Warsaw. It was attended by, among others, Miłosz Kłeczek, associated with the station, who emphasized that he did not want journalists working on political orders.

But attempts to stop changes in TVP are made not only through demonstrations. The president of TVP was to appoint a so-called proxy. – It was an attempt to block the changes in such a way that if the president was suspended or dismissed, the proxy would remain – explains Juliusz Braun, former chairman of the National Broadcasting Council. But – as Tadeusz Kowalski from the National Broadcasting Council points out – this is not an insurmountable move. – When a curator is appointed, for example for a company, this proxy automatically expires. Also, appointing a liquidator would mean that he may withdraw the power of attorney – says Professor Tadeusz Kowalski.

Gutowski about TVP: it is often television with text messages from a politician TVN24

Decision of the Court

Without a doubt, the decision of the Constitutional Tribunal to provide security in a case concerning public media is also an attempt to stop the changes. This is happening at the request of PiS MPs. – Any interference by the Minister of Culture and Heritage in the management of public television and the management of Polish Radio will be unlawful – warns Krzysztof Szczucki from PiS. But according to Professor Gutowski, the Tribunal’s decision is constitutionally defective. – Not only because it was published in the so-called double team – emphasizes Professor Maciej Gutowski, a lawyer from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. – I do not see any substantive justification for the security – adds Dr. Hab. Monika Haczkowska, constitutionalist.

The Julia Przyłębska Tribunal will consider the provisions regarding the liquidation of radio and television broadcasting companies on January 16. But the security – according to the Tribunal – is valid until the final decision.

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