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Will Dorota Gawryluk run in the presidential elections? “Preparations for building structures”

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Wirtualna Polska reported that Dorota Gawryluk became the president of the Lepsza Polska Association. The portal reported that this is the new name of the organization established by the creator of Polsat. The association also broadened the goals of its activities, including “building a civil society”. WP sources assessed that this move brings Gawryluk closer to running in the presidential elections. When asked about this issue, the journalist emphasized that she did not want to engage in speculation. “I'm doing my thing,” she replied briefly.

According to media reports, journalist and director of Polsat's thematic channels Dorota Gawryluk may be a candidate in next year's elections. elections presidential.

Wirtualna Polska reported that Gawryluk became the president of the Lepsza Polska Association. The portal reported that this is the new name of the organization established by the creator of Polsat – Zygmunt Solorz-Żak. “The sign of the Czysta Polska Program Association, established among Polsat people, disappeared quietly. Even some members of this association, established in October 2019, do not yet know that it is already the Lepsza Polska Association,” WP wrote.

The portal emphasized that the official name change took place on May 10, 2024. “The Polsat journalist is no longer just the host of the 'Lepsza Polska' program, which is intensively promoted with posters resembling election billboards,” it was noted.

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“Preparations for building structures”

Wirtualna Polska's sources assessed that the change is another step that brings Dorota Gawryluk closer to running in the presidential elections. – These are preparations for building structures – a person who knows the background of the matter told WP.

– There is a lot of time, but Gawryluk's launch plan has a full schedule and changing the name of the association is the next step – added another interviewer of the portal. – Gawryluk is getting closer to running in the elections. After all, she does not deny it, and it would seem that a journalist who does not plan to enter politics must do so immediately – said the WP source.

Dorota GawrylukPawel Przybyszewski / Forum

As Wirtualna Polska wrote, “the change of the name of the Gawryluk association has already been noticed by a narrow group of politicians who want to influence the 2025 campaign, but prefer to remain anonymous.” In an interview with WP, they assessed that if Gawryluk ran in the presidential elections, the Lepsza Polska Association could become a political party in the future.

– Not all members of the association are yet aware of the name change and the fact that they could theoretically become the candidate's political support base. I don't expect everyone will be happy with this, said one of the politicians in an interview with WP. – A smart move, because when signing up to the association you can consent to correspondence in paper and electronic versions. This is an invaluable database that allows you to promote ideas for a possible campaign – noted the WP interlocutor.

Expanding the objectives of the association's activities

Wirtualna Polska wrote that in May, the goals of the Lepsza Polska Association were expanded for the first time in history to such a significant extent. “It is no longer just 'protection of air, water and land against pollution' and 'Poland's energy transformation', as it has been defined so far, but four very broad categories that can accommodate extensive activities,” the WP pointed out.

“The change of the association's name has not yet been recorded on the website of the Czysta Polska Program Association. We read there about the role of Zygmunt Solorz-Żak in establishing the organization, but also about the association's easier access to over 30 channels broadcast by Telewizja Polsat, which are watched by almost 20 million people every day. Poles'. – This is a very serious asset if Gawryluk becomes a candidate for president – said one of WP's interlocutors.

The tvn24.pl editorial team sent questions to the Czysta Polska Program Association, asking for a comment on the change of the association's name and the appointment of Dorota Gawryluk as its president. By the time the text was published, we had not received a response.

“This could be Mateusz Morawiecki's plan B”

“Gazeta Wyborcza” recently wrote about Gawryluk's possible run for president. “This could be Mateusz Morawiecki's plan B if opponents in PiS blocked his participation in the presidential elections,” it was written.

When talking about the candidate PIS for president, Andrzej Duda he allegedly said that before the campaign starts, “a lot can happen” and “someone with conservative views, not necessarily associated with the party, may appear.” “It was interpreted as favoritism towards Gawryluk's start and it cannot be ruled out that the Polsat journalist will be assisted by the head of the president's office, Marcin Mastalerek,” wrote “GW.”

Marcin Mastalerek, head of the president's officeKalbar/PAP archive

According to Wojciech Rafałowski from the Faculty of Sociology, University of Warsaw, it is the support of the presidential camp and Law and Justice that will be decisive in the context of the journalist's possible electoral success. As he pointed out, candidates associated with the media without any support, even if they initially recorded good results at the level of several or a dozen or so percent, eventually fell below the 5 percent threshold. or became “completely niche”.

– If Dorota Gawryluk gets Andrzej Duda's support, then she can be convinced to do so Jarosław Kaczyński, then he actually has a chance for a result – emphasized Rafałowski. – It is known that PiS's greatest chances in the presidential elections are given by the candidate who is Andrzej Duda 2.0. And I do not rule out the possibility that Dorota Gawryluk could be Andrzej Duda 2.0, he emphasized.

Gawryluk: I'm doing my thing

When asked by the Polish Press Agency about her possible participation in the elections, Gawryluk emphasized that she did not want to engage in speculation. – Whether I deny it or not, it doesn't matter. (…) I'm doing my thing – she replied briefly.

The journalist also noted that she has been the president of the Lepsza Polska Association, previously operating under a different name, for over half a year, so “there is no point in looking for any sensation in it.” She spoke about changing the name of the organization of which she is the president, described by Wirtualna Polska, as a “natural decision”. – The association has noble goals. (…) I would like to hear about them, she emphasized.

Questions about running in the presidential elections were also directed to Gawryluk by other media. – The whole problem is that today I am required to make a clear “yes” or “no” declaration, while I am unable to make it, and not only when it comes to this issue of my plans. Who knows what the future will bring. Maybe in a few years the situation will require me to pilot fighter planes? – she said in an April interview with Gazeta.pl.

– The fact that someone does not confirm something may also be a strategy – emphasized Rafałowski. Like other commentators, the sociologist pointed out that the very name of the program run by Gawryluk – and now also of her association – sounds exactly like an election slogan. – I have the impression that everyone who saw the poster advertising the program had the feeling that they were dealing with a candidate in some election – he said.

Meeting with Gawryluk at KUL. It was led by a former spokesman for the Ministry of Health and the National Bank of Poland

On Friday morning, an open meeting with Dorota Gawryluk took place at the Catholic University of Lublin John Paul II under the slogan “What does the media reality look like in Poland”.

It was led by the former spokesman of the Ministry of Health and the National Bank of Poland, Wojciech Andrusiewicz, from February 2024, director of the Academy of Modern Media and Communication of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.

At the beginning of the meeting, he introduced himself as a journalist. – Journalism is a bit like, sorry for the comparison, alcoholism. There is no cure for this. You are an anonymous journalist for the rest of your life. Journalism is, in a way, an addiction and a drug, he said.

Wirtualna Polska, tvn24.pl, “Gazeta Wyborcza”, PAP

Main photo source: Pawel Przybyszewski / Forum

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