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Will Kim Jong Un be replaced by his daughter? “Power will be maintained. It will remain in the hands of one family.”

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Kim Jong Un has ruled North Korea for years. It turns out that the dictator has great support in the form of his sister and daughter. Moreover, the Korean leader appointed a woman as foreign minister. That’s why questions are asked: can a woman take power in the country after so many years?

The most powerful man in North Korea spoke to women. Kim Jong Un – wiping away tears – called on mothers to give birth to children and counteract the demographic crisis. According to observers, patriarchy still prevails in the country, but some changes have been noticed.

The Korean leader placed a woman in his entourage. Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui recently met with Vladimir Putin. Kim Yo Jong, the dictator’s younger sister, is his advisor and closest collaborator. He is famous for his fiery speeches. The career of Kim’s younger sister is developing dynamically, probably due to family connections with the leader.

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In turn, a photo of Kim Jong Un with his daughter during a test launch of a missile at the end of 2022 caused a stir around the world. It was the first of Kim’s carefully staged photos showing him with his teenage daughter, sparking succession debates.

– By appearing publicly with his daughter, Kim Jong Un tells the world that nuclear weapons are his strong weapon and power will be passed on to his offspring – points out Sung-Yoon Lee, a researcher on Asia and North Korea from the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

North Korea tests a new weapon – the Haeil droneReuters

A woman for the country’s goals?

For three generations, men ruled the country. Now questions are being asked whether a woman can take over after so many years. Is it possible that Kim is preparing his daughter to take command of North Korea’s growing nuclear arsenal? – Power will be maintained. It will be absolute power and will remain in the hands of one family, emphasizes Sung-Yoon Lee.

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In Kim Jong Un’s family, women seem to have better prospects than men. Kim’s uncle Jang Song Tek was seen half-heartedly applauding his nephew in power. The South Korean side reports that he was shot using an anti-aircraft gun. It is also possible that he was beheaded. That’s what Donald Trump claimed. Kim’s older half-brother was poisoned at an airport in Malaysia.

Regardless of whether the next leader of North Korea will be a man or a woman, analysts agree that power and protecting the family fortune are most important to Kim.

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