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Will Poland send soldiers to Ukraine? Surprising findings from the German media

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“Ukraine is becoming more and more defensive. The most important German ministers are demanding more money and weaponsbut chancellor Olaf Scholz remains reserved. He is afraid of escalation – and European elections,” writes “Spiegel” in an article titled “Fear of a Great War”.

Scholz's call for restraint “contrasts with the bitter reality in Ukraine.” The Russians started the offensive in the east of this country a few months ago. They exploit them mercilessly weakness of the Ukrainian armywhich soldiers and ammunition are missing – emphasizes the weekly.

With bad news from the front war returns to the agenda of European politics“and with it the central question of the foreign policy debate of the last two years: whether conflict with Vladimir Putin Is it escalating because the West is providing too little arms aid to Ukraine, or could the war escalate if Germany and the US become even more militarily involved?” he wonders. “Spiegel”.

As added, Scholz, likewise prezydent USA Joe Bidenclaims to be prudent.

Scholz believes Putin may retaliate, if a country like Germany provided Ukraine with too long-range weapons systems. This is why the chancellor is against the delivery of Taurus cruise missiles. Therefore, it rejects the protection of Ukrainian airspace implemented from the territory NATO countries or training of Ukrainian soldiers by Alliance personnel in Ukraine,” we read in the weekly.

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While the chancellor “is in election campaign mode, warning against escalation of the war and praising German and American restraint, Eastern European NATO frontline states they fear that this policy may provoke further escalation” – noted.

“Spiegel”: The Baltic states and Poland will not wait

“Spiegel” reported that last week at a conference on the topic foreign and security policy in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, “Baltic parliamentarians warned government representatives from Berlin about the consequences of German policy.” “Their argument is this: if the Russians manage to make a strategic breakthrough in eastern Ukraine because the West is only half-helping Kiev, the situation may escalate dramatically“- said the weekly.

In this case the Baltic states and Poland will not waituntil Russian forces reach their border, alone will send troops to Ukraine. “The analysis shows that anyone who wants to limit the war through excessive restraint actually risks the conflict getting out of control,” it concluded.

The weekly noted that the most important members of Scholz's coalition cabinet perceive the situation in a similar way.

Is this Chancellor Robert HabeckWhether Minister of Foreign Affairs Annalena Baerbock (both from the Green Party), Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) or Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) – “everyone is demanding more arms aid for Ukraine in this probably decisive phase of the war,” Spiegel emphasized.

Will Poland send soldiers to Ukraine? There is a reaction from the Ministry of National Defense

It has already reacted to media reports from across the Oder Polish Ministry of National Defensewhich reported that this was not true.

We are not considering the idea of ​​sending Polish soldiers to Ukrainethere are no such plans,” the Ministry of National Defense said in response to a question from Wirtualna Polska.

We appeal for special caution regarding the credibility of information appearing in the media,” it added.

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