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Will Pope Francis speak at the UN again? Speculations arise

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Let us recall that in 2015 pope Francis visited Cuba and United States. September 25 in New York met with representatives UN and made a speech to them. The 70th anniversary of the establishment of this organization was celebrated then. Vatican officials predict that the Holy Father will travel to the United States later this year to speak again.

Pope Francis' first speech at the United Nations took place in 2015 r. during the pilgrimage to Cuba and the United States. Then September 25 the pope met with the then secretary general Banem Ki-moonemand then with UN employees, whom he also addressed in an official speech.

He also laid a wreath in honor of the fallen soldiers in the organization's missions. The highlight of the visit were the words Holy Father w General Assembly hallwhich he delivered to state representatives on the occasion 70th anniversary of the founding of the UN.

Pope Francis at the UN with a strong appeal to the listeners

Pope Franciszek he then pointed out that organizational reforms are necessary to best respond to the needs of the changing world. He stressed how important it was that it was in the interest of all member states not only individual goodbut also the smallest, poorest countries in the world.

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He pointed at the essence of environmental protectionas a foundation for thinking about the future. – Any harm done to the environment is harm done to humanity – he said.

The Pope also addressed the members UN and all gathered together during the government the most important value for them was peace. Simultaneously he condemned all warsas well as the spread of weapons, especially those of mass destruction.

– War is a denial of all rights and a dramatic aggression against the environment. If we want authentic, integral human development for all, we must continue to strive to avoid war between states and nations, said the Holy Father. The Pope's speech is summarized in the words that became the title of this speech: “No one can be excluded.”

W 2020 r. Pope Francis had the opportunity to address the UN members again on the occasion 75th anniversary establishing an organization. The meeting took place online due to the coronavirus pandemic. In a video speech The Holy Father emphasized that the United Nations should be a bridge that connects all countriesand the pandemic, despite the fact that it has become a source of crisis in the world, should become an opportunity “to create a more fraternal and compassionate society.”

Will the Pope speak at the UN again? Vatican officials are expecting a visit

There are speculations that the Holy Father is planning another visit in September this year pilgrimage to United States. A Vatican official informed the Italian agency about such intentions ACI Stampa, Andrea Gagliarducci.

This message however, it has not been officially approved by Vatican. It is known, however, that the invitation from the UN Secretary General reached the Holy Father, and According to the Apostolic Office, “Pope Francis seems inclined to respond positively.”

The planned UN summit aims to strengthen the organization's structures, as well as global governance, in order to jointly cope with new and old challenges that will bring in the coming years. The most important point of the meeting is to be the conclusion “pact for the future”to achieve “sustainable development goals”.

However, the Holy Father's visit to the United States seems difficult to implement, because the pope is already 87 years oldand in the last four years it has passed two surgeries and is under constant medical supervision. However, one cannot completely deny the reports that Francis will appear in… New York during the UN summit.

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