Will shopping Sundays partially return? “It will not be Ryszard Petru who will unload pallets in hypermarkets”


It is not certain whether the majority in the Sejm is necessary to adopt changes lifting the ban on Sunday trading. For now, the Left and Law and Justice are opposed, and the Confederation is divided on this issue. What does counting political swords look like before voting?

– For now, I am optimistic that there is a majority, but there is no certainty – comments Ryszard Petru, MP from Poland 2050-Third Way, who presented the assumptions of the new law in the Sejm.

So we checked whether the project restoring two commercial Sundays a month will be thrown away on June 14 or subject to further consultations. – This is a very bad idea. If there is a chance to defeat him at the start, it should be done – says Maciej Konieczny, an MP from the Left.

The government coalition is divided

The Left is against it, as is Law and Justice. The Civic Coalition – like the entire Third Way – plans to vote in favor. – I am wholeheartedly in favor of it – declares Klaudia Jachira, an MP from the Civic Coalition. – Probably yes – answers Stefan Krajewski, deputy minister from the Polish People's Party, when asked whether he would support the return to shopping Sundays.

The Confederation is divided. – This discussion is needed, if only to correct your pathologies – said Przemysław Wipler, a Confederation MP, in the Sejm.

This means that Ryszard Petru must convince the Confederation MPs before Friday's vote if he does not want his project to be trashed.

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Ryszard Petru on the proposal to liberalize the Sunday trading banTVN24

Moreover, the result will depend largely on the mobilization and turnout on both sides of the dispute. – I appeal to the Left, which has always had the slogan: “dialogue, social consultations”. They're cutting it off. They don't even want to talk about it, says Ryszard Petru.

– It will not be Ryszard Petru who will unload these pallets in hypermarkets, but the mother of three children who will lose the chance to spend this day with her family – says Maciej Konieczny, MP from the Left.

Today, the left wing in the Sejm was supported by representatives of the trade union. – I don't want to work on Sunday. I've had enough – emphasizes Jolanta Żołnierczyk from the National Employee Trade Union “Konfederacja Pracy” in Kaufland Polska Markety.

Dziemianowicz-Bąk: the key is whether someone needs these changes

Lifting the ban on Sunday trading with the assumption that each employee will be provided with two weekends off a month and double remuneration for work on days off is one of Donald Tusk's 100 specifics for 100 days.

– 65 percent of Polish women and men do not want the introduction of working, commercial and additional Sundays – emphasizes the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy from the Left, Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, and announces that she, like the entire Left, will vote to reject the project.

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– If the project was a coalition project, it would be a government project, these provisions are not in the coalition agreement, but this is secondary. The key is whether someone needs these changes – says Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk when asked whether voting against the project would be a symbolic “no” for the coalition partner.

What will employees get from this?

Supporters of these solutions argue that the new law will also protect employees. Because, for example, work on Sunday will result in double wages. Moreover, as they say, they are open to further amendments.

– What can you consider? Higher remuneration for employees, the possibility of receiving additional hours off for worked Sundays, shortened trading hours on Sundays – mentioned Ryszard Petru in the Sejm. – Ryszard, are the parliamentary offices of your party open on Sunday? – asked Adrian Zandberg, MP from the Left, ironically.

The partial abolition of the Sunday trading ban is another bill that divides the government coalition from the very beginning.

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