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Will the new government improve the fate of animals? “I really hope this is the green light.”

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What about the amendment to the Animal Protection Act? You only need to visit a shelter in winter or see a dog on a chain in the yard to remind yourself how urgent this matter is. To begin with, there will be a system for registering dogs and cats.

Every year, over 1,500 homeless animals come to the shelter in Sosnowiec. For such places, winter is the most difficult time. – Every year we always miss beds the most. We lack blankets, towels and pillows. We change all the bedding in all the stalls every day. Every day we provide new, fresh and clean ones – emphasizes Marcin Jakubczak from the Shelter for Homeless Animals in Sosnowiec and the Municipal Services Department.

The list of needs is longer. It is in winter that shelters often have to ask for help from ordinary people. – The costs of heating, water and electricity that run this type of place are increasing significantly. We also need more funds for more caloric food, but the need for veterinary care also increases – says Natalia Zdrojewska from the Pomocm.pl Foundation.

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Many of us remember to help animals, but unfortunately not all of us do. There are places where the dog is still treated as a living alarm. Kept on a chain, fed with garbage, cold, wet, deprived of veterinary care. – Statistically, Poles still treat animals badly and I think that when they speak in an ordinary voice today, they will not have many nice words to say to us people, to us society, because acts of animal abuse are still a common phenomenon – says Konrad Kuźmiński, president Lower Silesian Animal Protection Inspectorate.

Specific demands

During the election campaign, the Coalition for Animals asked representatives of each party about changes in the law regarding living creatures. Its representatives believe that the new government will deal with this problem. – I really hope that this is the green light to amend the Animal Protection Act and to improve the fate of homeless, beaten, injured and abused animals. This really has to change – warns Ewa Gebert, president of the Polish Society for the Protection of Animals OTOZ Animals. There are many demands: from changes in slaughterhouses, through education, rules for the treatment of farm animals, to regulations on hunting. The most important and urgent are: a ban on keeping dogs on chains and running shelters for profit, as well as mandatory microchipping of all pets and sterilization of strays.

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To start with, the Ministry of Digitization is to take care of the system that will register dogs and cats. – I think that a central database will be created quite soon in which it will be possible to register chipped animals – admits Katarzyna Piekarska from Inicjatywa Polska. The database is just a tool. The obligation to register pets can only be introduced by law. Like many other solutions. Animal defenders are working on their own civic project. They will start collecting signatures in January.

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