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Willa plus and the Supreme Audit Office’s report on subsidies from the Ministry of Economy and National Heritage. Katarzyna Lubnauer and Krzysztof Kwiatkowski comment

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We are dealing with unreliable action, or even, as described by the Supreme Audit Office, with illegal action – said KO MP Katarzyna Lubnauer in “Fakty po Faktach”, referring to the report of the Supreme Audit Office on subsidies from the Ministry of Education and Science. Independent senator and former head of the NIK Krzysztof Kwiatkowski assessed that “the prosecutor’s office should act ex officio” in this matter.

Supreme Chamber of Control stated that the Minister of Education and Science illegally allocated PLN 6 million in a program we called villa plus. In grant competitions, he distributed money “unreliably”, to organizations not entitled to participate in competitions, foundations without experience, despite conflicts of interest and negative assessments of experts whom he appointed.

The case, in the next installment “Villa plus” series described in tvn24.pl Justyna Suchecka and Piotr Szostak.

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Lubnauer: not only was it a mess, it was an illegal act

Katarzyna Lubnauer, a member of the Civic Coalition, and the former president of the Supreme Audit Office, and now an independent senator, Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, spoke about the case in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24.

Lubnauer said she was “not surprised” by the results of the inspection. – Because they partly come from what we ourselves reported with Krystyna Szumilas to the Supreme Audit Office. Because we reported the case with a request for control and NIK immediately secured the documents – she explained.

In her opinion, “there are more irregularities there.” – There is no subsidy to those entities that had positive opinions from experts, giving to those that had negative opinions – she said. As the MP stated, “not only was there a mess, it was an illegal act and it was just about getting their own”.

As she assessed, “we have confirmation in the NIK’s analyzes concerning many cases where we are dealing with unreliable activity, or even, as NIK described it, with illegal activity”.

Kwiatkowski: we need to assess the behavior of the minister in the legal and criminal dimension

Kwiatkowski, when asked whether the issue of subsidies is a matter for the prosecutor’s office, said that “absolutely yes”.

– What did NIK de facto say, translating it from audit language into simple language? The law in the Ministry of Education and Science was deliberately broken. In this particular case, despite the fact that officials – and, as far as I know, also the minister – knew that the given entity should not receive this money because it does not meet the criteria described in the competition procedure itself, it received this money – he pointed out.

Kwiatkowski: we need to assess the behavior of the minister in the legal and criminal dimensionTVN24

– Here I have no doubt that we need to assess the behavior of the minister and those who co-made decisions in the legal and criminal dimension – he continued. He stressed that he was referring to Article 231 of the Penal Code.

§ 1. A public official who, by exceeding his powers or failing to fulfill his duties, acts to the detriment of the public or private interest, is liable to imprisonment for up to 3 years. § 2. If the perpetrator commits the act specified in § 1 in order to achieve a financial or § 3. If the perpetrator of the act specified in § 1 acts unintentionally and causes significant damage, he shall be subject to a fine, the penalty of restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to 2 years. § 4. The provision of § 2 shall not apply if the act meets the criteria of a prohibited act specified in art. 228 saleability of a public function holder.

According to the senator, “the prosecutor’s office should act ex officio” because “the Supreme Audit Office’s reports are public.” – I assume that tomorrow the prosecutor’s office will issue a statement that it has initiated proceedings in this case, because this is a natural consequence of what the Supreme Audit Office stated – he added. He also said that he sees here a reason for the spokesman for public finance discipline to take action.

Main photo source: TVN24

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