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Windmill Act and energy prices. Robert Biedroń: the Turbine Act and the price freeze regulations will be separated

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The act on wind turbines and regulations related to the energy freeze will be separated – said Robert Biedroń in “Kropka nad i”. He also announced that the motion to vote to bring Adam Glapiński before the State Tribunal would soon be submitted to the Sejm. He also assessed President Duda’s decision to appoint Mateusz Morawiecki as Prime Minister. – The president is still mentally dependent on his formation – said Monika Olejnik’s guest.

– Today we decided that the two cases will be separated. The act on wind turbines will be a separate act, handled very thoroughly and very calmly. There will also be a law on freezing energy prices, which will be considered at the next session of the Sejm. These two projects will be separated. A political decision has just been made on this matter – he said in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 Robert Biedrońco-chairman of the New Left.

The leader of the Left admitted that no decision has been made yet whether the bill will be government or parliamentary. – What we care most about is that it is a good bill, he said.

Robert Biedroń in “Kropka nad i”TVN24

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“Glapiński will appear before the State Tribunal”

Biedroń also announced that a motion to vote on the impeachment of the head of the National Bank of Poland will soon appear in the Sejm.

– Adam Glapiński will appear before the State Tribunal, for which a parliamentary majority is needed. The central bank was used to support those in power. There are procedures that would allow Glapiński to be removed from this position – said Monika Olejnik’s guest.

Biedroń: you could feel that the president was playing how Kaczyński would play

Biedroń about the president: he will play how Kaczyński will play

The politician was asked if he thought so Andrzej Duda he made a mistake by appointing the prime minister Mateusz Morawieckiwho is unable to win a parliamentary majority, replied that the president “plays the way Kaczyński will play.”

– We were at talks with the president and you could feel it. Duda plays the way Kaczyński will play. It really is a very close relationship. The president is still mentally dependent on his formation. It is clear that he will not do anything to harm his formation and has made this decision. (…) This is the president’s cynical game. It seems to me that Duda is eager to take over Kaczyński’s legacy, said one of the leaders of the New Left.

Biedroń on investigative commissions: some people confused the roles of the judge and the accused

Biedroń on investigative commissions: some people confused the roles of the judge and the accused

“Some people confused the roles of the judge and the accused”

Robert Biedroń also addressed the question whether there is room for Law and Justice politicians in investigative commissions.

– It is important that they are not facing serious charges. Some people confused the roles of judge and defendant. We should make sure that people who violate the constitution do not sit on the committees, he said.

When asked if he believed there was a place for… Mariusz Kamiński or Maciej Wąsik, replied that he “can’t imagine it”.

– They should be sitting in the dock. (…) If they get away with it, Kaczyński will come back one day and eat us. It is our duty to make everyone answer for their mistakes, he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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