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Windmill Act – the Sejm passed the amendment

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The draft amendment to the Wind Farm Act was passed during the Wednesday session of the Sejm. Now the document will be the subject of work in the Senate. The amendment states that the minimum distance between a windmill and buildings is to be 700 meters.

214 deputies voted for the adoption of the amendment to the act on investments in wind farms and some other acts, 27 were against, 209 abstained from voting.

Amendment to the Wind Farm Act adopted by the Sejm

The Act provides that new wind turbines may be located only on the basis of the Local Spatial Development Plan (LSDP). The basis for determining the minimum distance – between 10 times the maximum height of the turbine (rule 10H) and 700 m for residential buildings – will be e.g. results of the strategic environmental impact assessment (SEA) carried out under the MPZP. The SEA analyzes, among others: the impact of noise emissions on the environment and the health of residents. The commune authorities will not be able to withdraw from the SEA for the LZP project, which includes a wind farm.

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The Act also introduces minimum distances between wind turbines and electricity transmission lines. At the same time, it completely abolishes the ban on the construction of residential buildings near existing wind turbines.

KPO and 37 milestones

The new act maintains the 10H principle in the case of national parks, and in the case of nature reserves – the limit of 500 m. In the case of other forms of nature protection, the distance is to result from the environmental decision for a specific installation. It maintains the ban on building windmills in national parks, nature reserves, landscape parks and Natura 2000 areas.

In addition, the new legislation provides that the investor will offer at least 10 percent. installed capacity of the wind farm to the residents of the commune who would use electricity as a virtual prosumer. Each resident of this commune will be able to take up a share of no more than 2 kW and receive electricity at the price resulting from the calculation of the maximum cost of construction.

The amendment to the act is one of the 37 milestones that Poland is to complete in order to meet the requirements of the Recovery and Resilience Facility and receive money from the National Recovery Plan.

700 meters from the windmill – potential effects of the amendment

Janusz Gajowiecki, president of the Polish Wind Energy Association, previously informed that the adoption of the amendment to change the minimum distance from windmills from 500 to 700 meters “is further blocking onshore wind energy”. – Only 500 meters, widely consulted and approved by the government and local government, guaranteed new megawatts of wind already within 2 years, and in the following years even up to 22 GW – he explained

Polish Wind Energy Association

The analysis of the Urban Consulting company showed that by adopting the amendment changing the minimum distance of the windmill from buildings to 500 to 700 meters, politicians will decide to throw 84 percent of the waste into the trash. from applicable local plans.

“In four voivodeships, all prepared plans will go to the trash – Mazowieckie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Śląskie and Małopolskie. the analyzes only confirm that the proposed amendment is harmful” – PWEA wrote in the information for the media.

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