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Winter attack in Scandinavia. -40 degrees in Sweden, 70 cm of snow in Norway. Schools were closed and trains stopped running

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In northern Sweden, some railway connections were suspended, and in one municipality in southern Norway, schools were closed and the post office stopped working. The reason is an exceptionally strong attack of winter. Due to bad weather conditions, ferries between Poland and Sweden did not sail on Tuesday.

On the night from Monday to Tuesday, the temperature dropped below -40 degrees Celsius in three towns in northern Sweden. -41.6 degrees Celsius was recorded in Nikkaluokta in the Scandinavian Mountains, public broadcaster SVT Nyheter reported, citing data from the Swedish Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (SHMI). This is the lowest temperature of the current winter recorded so far.

In Karesuando in Lapland, the northernmost Swedish town, it was -41.4 degrees Celsius. In Kvikkjokk-Årrenjarka, -41.2 degrees Celsius was recorded.

Due to the severe frost, the Vy railway company has suspended services between Kiruna and Lulea.

Paralyzed train traffic in the Swedish city of LuleaENEX

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According to SHMI, the last time temperatures dropped below -40 degrees in Sweden was in December 2021. Some weather stations recorded the lowest values ​​in at least 12 years.

Closed schools and post office in southern Norway

In southern Norway, in the Arendal commune, 70 centimeters of snow fell within 24 hours, and meteorologists announced another several dozen centimeters of rainfall.

Local authorities closed schools and kindergartens, the post office is not working, and garbage was not collected on Tuesday. Remote work was ordered in the city of Kristiansand.

Ferries between Poland and Sweden have not sailed

The Swedish and Danish weather services have issued warnings about heavy wet snow and rain combined with strong winds expected in Scania (southern Sweden) and northern Jutland (Denmark). They may cause local flooding and flooding.

Due to difficult weather conditions, ferries between Poland and Sweden did not sail on Tuesday.

Main photo source: ENEX

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