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Winter attack in Scandinavia, floods in Western Europe. What awaits Poland in the coming days?

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In Sweden, thermometers showed -40 degrees Celsius. According to the Swedish Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, some weather stations recorded the lowest values ​​in at least 12 years. Western Europe is facing floods. The situation is difficult in northern Germany and northern France.

-41.6 degrees Celsius – this was the temperature seen on thermometers by the inhabitants of Nikkaluokta in the Scandinavian Mountains, in northern Sweden. – Today, I would normally ride a scooter with tourists to show them the reindeer, but in such frosts, when the temperature drops to -41 or -42 degrees Celsius, the ride is completely unpleasant – says Erik Sarri, a tourist guide in the town.

Due to the frost, some schools in the north of the country were closed, the post office stopped working, and some railway connections were suspended. Many foreign tourists are stuck at the station in Lulea, for whom the north of Sweden is a great winter attraction at this time of year. However, few people expected such attractions. – If our train doesn’t arrive, we’ll have to rent a car. As French, we are not used to such weather conditions on the roads, so I don’t know how we will cope behind the wheel, says Guenael, a tourist from France.

Even native Swedes, who are accustomed to winter frosts, rubbed their eyes in surprise. – In the evening it was -39 degrees Celsius. When I got up and saw the thermometer, I couldn’t believe it. I’ve experienced cold before, but it wasn’t often that cold, says Torbjörn Figaro, a resident of the village of Hallen.

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According to the Swedish Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, some weather stations recorded the lowest values ​​in at least 12 years. Many people in the country are prepared for this. – This is a really great thing. I usually use geothermal heating, but in case of power failure or such temperatures, a wood-burning stove works well, says Figaro.

In the case of low temperatures – as a resident of the village of Hallen says – the old methods work best. – I cover the car with a blanket to try to insulate it from the cold. Engines, oil – everything is at risk of failure, he explains.

Due to difficult weather conditions, ferries between Sweden and Poland did not sail on Tuesday.

Frost is coming to Poland

Frosts from northern Europe are also expected to reach Poland. Fortunately, there will not be such extremely low temperatures as in Sweden.

– All this cold is coming over Poland. From Friday and Saturday we will talk about negative temperatures throughout the country, and we will also talk about snowfall. There are many indications that on Sunday and Monday during the day we will have temperature drops in north-eastern Poland, even to minus 12 degrees, which means that at night the temperature will be 5-7 degrees lower – predicts Tomasz Zubilewicz from TVN Meteo.

Agnieszka Cegielska about the weather in PolandTVN24

Violent weather has taken its toll in the north of France. A red flood alert has been issued in some regions. – It’s much worse than in November. So we will have to wait until the water level drops. There is no other solution, says Lydie, a resident of Settques. – Yes, I’m angry. It’s amazing. I have lived here for several decades and this street has never been flooded. And now we have 10-20 centimeters of water – reports Daniel, a resident of Rebecques.

A dozen or so tourists staying in the campsites were preventively evacuated. They found shelter in the local town hall. – It’s quite family-friendly here, although it’s hard for me to focus on my studies. Fortunately, there is a quiet room where I can do my homework, says Léa, a resident of Rebecques.

Cyclone Henk hit Great Britain. Wind gusts reach 150 km/h. Hundreds of flood warnings have been issued. Many houses remain without electricity.

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The situation is also difficult in northern Germany. Firefighters have been fighting for several days to stop water from flooding houses and streets. They build dams in case the existing embankments are unable to withstand the pressure of the elements. – A really great job has been done here over the last ten days. We definitely don’t talk enough about rescue services. Let me start with volunteer firefighters who do everything they can for others. They do it selflessly, says Nancy Faeser, German Minister of the Interior.

In the city of Oldenburg, federal police help secure a dam from the air. About 600 people were evacuated from their homes as a preventive measure. Depending on the region of the country, up to 80 liters of rain per square meter is forecast in the next hours.

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