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Winter attack. Lesser Poland, Subcarpathian, Lubelskie. Heavy snowfall, difficult road conditions, power outages

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Heavy snowfall has been occurring in Poland since Saturday evening. The conditions on the roads are difficult, plows and sand spreaders have left. The worst driving is in Małopolska and Podkarpacie. That’s where the most snow has fallen so far. In the Lublin region, some customers were deprived of electricity supplies on Sunday.

Snow falls most heavily on Sunday in the southeast of the country. There was heavy rainfall last night. The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management informed that, according to the data from 10 am, the most snow, as much as 30 centimeters, fell in Puławy in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.

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Difficult conditions on the roads in Lesser Poland, trucks block passages

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Due to heavy rainfall, the roads in Podhale are very difficult. Trucks have problems with driveways. There was snow on Zakopianka in the morning, and cars were moving at a minimum speed. Driving on local roads is also difficult due to snow. Equipment for clearing snow and gritting roads is still working, but it is directed to the main roads first.

Winter attack in KrakowPAP/Łukasz Gągulski

All national roads in Małopolska are passable, but locally there are problems on mountain sections, where trucks stop, blocking the passage. Such situations at night took place, for example, on the national road 7 near Jabłonka on the way to the border crossing with Slovakia in Chyżno or in the vicinity of Nowy Sącz.

Snow covered KrakowTVN24

Winter attack in KrakowPAP/Łukasz Gągulski

According to the duty officer of the Kraków branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, most of the national roads in the region are covered with slush, possibly covered with snow, only some sections are black and wet. – All roads are passable, but you have to watch out for mud and snow. There are problems on driveways caused by slipping trucks, but we try to solve them temporarily by sending sand plows there” – noted the GDDKiA duty officer. At night, plows left over 300 times. All available equipment also works on provincial roads.

Dangerous road conditions in Lesser Poland.  TVN24 reporter's report

Dangerous road conditions in Lesser Poland. TVN24 reporter’s reportTVN24

Buried under the snow

Buried under the snowTVN24

Podkarpacie: Police warn drivers and pedestrians

Driving conditions are difficult on the roads of Podkarpacie on Sunday. Therefore, the police appeal for caution – emphasized Anna Klee-Bylica from the press team of the Podkarpacie police. As she noted, “heavy snowfall, blizzards and slippery surfaces make driving difficult for drivers.” – Let us remember that excessive speed and sudden maneuvers can cause loss of control over the vehicle, and consequently lead to collisions and accidents – added Klee-Bylica. She stressed that the conditions on the roads “can be dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians”. “We urge you to be careful and considerate,” she said.

Snow paralysis in Przemyśl

Snow paralysis in PrzemyślTVN24

Klee-Bylica pointed out that “slippery roads covered with a large layer of snow often cause the wheels of vehicles to lose grip”, the braking distance “significantly lengthens, it is easy to slip and lose control of the car”. She added that “overtaking, passing or cornering in such conditions can be very dangerous.” Drivers, Klee-Bylica said, “should remember to drive on the road with their headlights on and respect speed limits.” – Don’t forget to clear the snow off your car. Remember that slower is safer.

Lubelskie: the situation is made difficult by the wind

The duty officer of the Road Information Point of the Lublin branch of GDDKiA told PAP that the national roads in almost the entire province are covered with snow, possibly covered with snow or slush. He said the situation was hampered by the constantly falling snow, so drivers should expect difficulties. – We are trying to mitigate the effects of winter and road maintenance equipment works on a regular basis on each section – he said, adding that 78 plows and salters are working.

Comm. Anna Kamola from the KWP press team in Lublin reported that by At 11.30 on Sunday, the police received reports of 11 collisions, three road accidents and five other events (e.g. burial of a vehicle), most of which were related to snowfall. She urged drivers to thoroughly clear snow from their car before the trip, drive carefully or, if possible, stay at home.

Spokesman for PGE Dystrybucja, Karol Łukasik, said on Sunday in the early afternoon that due to the weather in the Lublin branch of the company there were 3,000. emergency shutdowns. – The worst situation is in the energy sector Radzyn Podlaskiwhere there are almost 1.4 thousand outages, in the area of ​​Lubartów – a thousand and in the vicinity Krasnik – about 500 – he said, adding that the services are working to restore power in all these places. He stressed that the power is constantly turned on. “He should be back to everyone in the next few hours,” he assured.

Difficult road conditions in Lublin

Difficult road conditions in LublinTVN24

Sand spreaders on the streets of Warsaw

Snowfall on Sunday morning also appeared in Mazovia, among others. 170 spreaders entered the streets of Warsaw, where city buses run. This is a total of 1,600 kilometers of roads – informed the City Cleanup Authority. Other streets are cleared, e.g. commissioned by district offices, and in the case of expressways by GDDiKA services.

“The City Cleaning Authority checks the condition of street surfaces around the clock. It monitors current meteorological data and weather forecasts. If necessary, he will order another action” – added the ZOM dispatcher.

Read more at tvnwarszawa.pl.

Sand spreaders in action in WarsawArtur Węgrzynowicz, tvnwarszawa.pl

Forecast rainfall in the next hours and days

Forecast rainfall in the next hours and daysVentus

Main photo source: PAP/Darek Delmanowicz

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