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Winter attack. When will the snow fall? Weather in Poland. Than Brigid will bring a lot of snow, bitter frosts will grab. IMGW forecasts

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When will the snow fall? The following days will bring a real attack of winter. Than Brygida will bring blizzards and blizzards, daily rainfall up to 20 centimeters, and then bitter frosts with temperatures reaching -20 degrees. Check what forecasters of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW) predict.

We’re in for a real cold spell this weekend. It will snow in many regions, it will turn white.

– Than Brygida reaches Poland with its atmospheric fronts and will start to affect our country from Friday to Saturday. Initially, it will be very intense rainfall, especially in the Lublin and Podkarpacie regions, said Grzegorz Walijewski, spokesman for the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management.

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According to Walijewski, snowstorms are expected on Saturday evening, in the night from Saturday to Sunday and on Sunday.

– There will be a lot of snow, because initially in the Lublin region, Podkarpacie and Lesser Poland, from Saturday to Sunday it will fall to 10 centimeters, in the Carpathians even to 15 centimeters – added the spokesman IMGW.

There will be more snow on Sunday. – We predict that in this area the thickness of the snow cover will increase by another 10-15 centimeters. And in the Lublin Region, Mazowsze, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Lubuska Land, up to the Opole Region, the snow will form a layer 20 centimeters thick, announced Walijewski.

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More snow in the coming week

A front with heavy rainfall will move further north. On Monday, it will fall to 10 centimeters in Pomerania and the western edges.

Along with the moving front and snowfall, the wind speed will increase and reach 70 to 90 kilometers per hour, and this will cause blizzards and snowstorms.

It will freeze

From the night of Tuesday to Wednesday it will start to get frosty – in Podlasie and throughout the south the temperature will drop to -13 degrees Celsius, and in mountainous areas to -18 or -20 degrees. In the center, thermometers will show -8 degrees C. It will be warmest in the north-west, there we will see thermometers from -4 to 5 degrees.

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