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Winter car washer fluids. UOKiK test results

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Eight winter washer fluids under the microscope of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. It turned out that one of the tested liquids had a freezing point above the one shown on the packaging.

President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection on windscreen washer fluids

– Summer windshield washer fluid does not work on frosty days not only because it can damage the washer system by freezing, but also because instead of cleaning the windows, it freezes to them, reducing visibility and damaging the windshield wipers. The latest report from our #UOKiKtestuje series proves that inspections are necessary in this regard, and that winter windshield washer fluid is not equal – said Tomasz Chróstny, President of UOKiK, quoted in the announcement.


Windshield washer fluids – UOKiK test

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He added that eight brands of windscreen washer fluids were selected for the study. Experts from the UOKiK laboratory in Łódź examined the compliance of the net volume and crystallization temperature with the manufacturers’ declaration, methanol content and packaging functionality. The fluids underwent a total of 80 tests, during which 254 partial results were obtained.

#UOKiKtestuje is a series of research aimed at educating and raising consumer awareness of various products present on the Polish market.

According to UOKiK’s information, 4MAX, AUCHAN, MOTUL, ORLEN, PLAK PREMIUM, PSIK PSIK, SHELL ESSENTIALS, and SONAX brand fluids were tested in this case.

Which washer fluid freezes below the specified temperature?

As reported by the office, the crystallization temperature of one tested liquid (Auchan) was inconsistent with the declaration on the packaging: it was -18.5 degrees Celsius, while the labeling indicated -22 degrees Celsius. In the case of the remaining liquids, the crystallization temperature was consistent with the declaration.

No methanol was detected in six fluids. In the other two, the concentration of methanol was 0.5 percent. (ORLEN) and less than 0.1 percent. (4MAX), which means they met the legal requirements.

According to the regulations in force throughout the European Union, the concentration of methanol in windshield washer fluids (available for sale to consumers) must be below 0.6%. This restriction is intended to prevent serious poisoning from, for example, accidental ingestion by children. Getting this substance into the body damages internal organs.

UOKiK tested windshield washer fluids – resultsuokik.gov.pl

UOKiK tested windshield washer fluids – results >>>

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