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Winter flowers – flowers that “welcome winter” – have bloomed

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Winter autumn flowers bloom in the second half of August. This year it happened with a slight delay.

Edward Marszałek, the spokesman of the State Forests in Krosno, informed that in the Podkarpacie region, slightly later than in previous years, winter autumn blooms. They can be admired in the valleys of the Przemyskie Foothills, in the Bieszczady Mountains and in the Low Beskids.

– Their name comes from “winter greeting” and not, as many people think, from the name Ziemowit – explained the Marshal. He pointed out that winter crops grow best on meadows mown at least once a year. – They appear in the second half of August. This year they appeared with a slight delay – he said.

Wintry confused with crocuses

According to the forester, the winter-hardy irretrievably disappears where the meadows are not mown, neglected and are overgrown with forest vegetation. – This was the case, for example, in the valley of Rabe and Huczwice near Baligród, or in the Beskid Dukielski. With the expansion of the forest, some winter-green carpets disappeared there forever – he explained.

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Winter flowers belong to the bulbous and bulbous plants that bloom in autumn. – The tuber usually produces a few, less often a dozen or so flowers that may resemble crocuses. They are also often mistaken for them – said the spokesman.

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