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Winter takes over Poland. Where did the snow fall? [ZDJĘCIA]

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Winter is taking over other parts of Poland. On Kontakt 24 we receive weather reports and photographs of white landscapes. This weekend, thanks to the forecasted heavy snowfall, it will be not only picturesque, but also very dangerous in many places, forecasters warn.

Snowfall in the night from Friday to Saturday appeared in the south-eastern part of the country. It also poured in the center. According to tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Daniel Kowalczyk, Poland is under the influence of low pressure systems that move from southern and central Europe towards western Russia. From the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, they draw in moist air, which, colliding with the cold mass coming from the north, causes the formation of atmospheric fronts. These fronts bring snow, sleet and rain showers mainly to the southern and eastern regions.

Forecasters predict that on Saturday in the south-east of Poland and in its central part it may fall to 3-7 centimeters. Snow is expected to fall almost everywhere on Sunday. In some regions, rainfall will be intense, causing an increase in snow cover of up to 20 cm.

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On the site Kontakt 24 you show where it has become white in the last few hours. We received photos and recordings from, among others, Tarnobrzeg and Mielec.

It has been picturesquely in Pomerania and Western Pomerania due to heavy snowfall for several years. A thick layer of snow covers, for example roadsteadSłupsk or Dębnica Kaszubska.

Similar views can also be expected in places where snow is only in the forecasts, as the temperature is expected to reach negative values ​​for the next few days. There will be bitter frost at night next week.

IMGW warns

Winter may look picturesque, but it is associated with various dangers. Road conditions will be challenging. The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, apart from snowstorms, also forecasts blowing snow and blizzards. Currently local in the south of the country, there are warnings against freezing precipitation, which can cause black ice.

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Main photo source: Contact 24

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