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Withdrawal of funds from the KPO. Zbigniew Ziobro and Mateusz Morawiecki on milestones

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The European Union has more and more claims – assessed Zbigniew Ziobro, in response to questions about the latest report of the European Commission on the rule of law. Commenting on the milestones, the fulfillment of which guarantees the mobilization of EU funds from the KPO, Ziobro stated that agreeing to these stones “means agreeing to stones at the neck of the Polish economy”. The government argues that the law on the Supreme Court meets Brussels’ expectations. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is convinced that the funds will be paid out in the future. Commenting on this issue, he admitted that he saw the intention to delay the disbursement of funds from the KPO on the side of “Mr. Tusk and the PO” and “radicals”.

the European Commission makes the payment of money to Poland from the Reconstruction Fund under the National Reconstruction Plan dependent on, inter alia, amendments to the Act on the Supreme Court. It is about the liquidation of the Disciplinary Chamber, the reinstatement of suspended judges and the reform of the disciplinary system of judges. The government maintains that the conditions for disbursement of the reconstruction fund have been met.

Milestones in KPO – what are they and why are they so important?

On Wednesday, the European Commission published the annual rule of law reportin which – in the chapter on Poland – she assessed, inter alia, that in our country “serious concerns remain regarding the independence of the Polish judiciary”. The report also recommended that the function of the minister of justice be separated from that of the prosecutor general. The Commission’s recommendations are intended to encourage EU countries to make progress in implementing ongoing or planned reforms.

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The Act on the Supreme Court and the payment of funds from the KPO. Head of the European Commission: Poland must fulfill its obligations

Ziobro: Solidarna Polska is an advocate of ruthless use of the available forms of pressure

He was asked at the conference at the conference, who has held both these functions since 2015, about the latest recommendations of the European Commission regarding the separation of the positions of the minister of justice and the prosecutor general. Zbigniew Ziobro. He replied that in politics, especially European politicians cannot be trusted. – We can see that European Union he has more and more claims and wants to impose a solution in every possible area – he said.

Ziobro continued that the European Union is making further demands in many areas, calling it milestones, among other things. – Accepting these milestones, that is, accepting the stones at the neck of the Polish economy, Polish interests and the wealth of Poles’ lives – he assessed.

He noticed that Solidarity Poland is an advocate of tough talks with the European Union and ruthless use of the available forms of pressure. – If we can veto decisions, we should threaten a veto, and if threats do not help, then we should veto. Only in this way can we negotiate (…) conditions for Poland to cope with aggression from the European Union in a relative way, Ziobro argued.

Zbigniew ZiobroPAP / Grzegorz Momot

Morawiecki: I am a staunch opponent of Mr. Tusk and those who are trying to swing the PiS boat

In turn, the question is whether the recommendation of the European Commission may further delay the payment of funds to Poland National Reconstruction Plan Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who was staying in Łagiewniki in Lower Silesia, was asked.

– I do not think that this remark, which has already appeared many times in previous reports, could be any reason for an even further delay in the transfer of funds – he replied.

The head of government stated that he saw intentions to delay the disbursement of funds from the KPO on the side of “Mr. Tusk and the PO”, as well as “radicals” who try to prove that “a strong foot stamping on the floor is the best way to strengthen our sovereignty”. He noted that he himself had a different opinion on this issue.

– I am a firm opponent of Mr. Tusk, as well as those who are trying to swing the PiS boat in order to justify various theses or hypotheses – he said. He did not specify exactly who he meant by “radicals” and “swinging the PiS boat”. The Prime Minister added that he was convinced that “at the turn of this and next year” funds for the KPO will be sent to Poland.

Morawiecki based this sentence, inter alia, on the reminder that for this purpose the presidential amendment to the Act on the Supreme Court was adopted, the main assumption of which is the liquidation of the Disciplinary Chamber and the establishment of the Professional Liability Chamber in its place. The amendment will come into force on July 15. It is – as the prime minister assessed – “a compromise worked out” and – as he added – he thinks that “the European Commission will also appreciate it”.

Mateusz Morawiecki in ŁagiewnikiPAP / Maciej Kulczyński

The Prime Minister regrets that “the Ministry of Justice has managed so little”. Ziobro: This is self-criticism on his part

Ziobro: On his birthday, I wish the Prime Minister health and wisdom

Ziobro “mocks his boss”. “When will the prime minister react? What has yet to happen?”

Main photo source: PAP / Grzegorz Momot

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