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Wives of Russian soldiers came to Putin’s campaign staff. “Who will come back to us?”

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In Russia, Ukrainian drones damaged energy infrastructure. There has been another such action in recent days. The Ukrainian army announced that it used a Polish-made kamikaze drone to destroy the aggressor’s air defense system. At the same time, questions about the war in Ukraine are becoming louder in Russia. Several women, fearing for their husbands’ lives, came to Vladimir Putin’s campaign headquarters in Moscow.

Energy infrastructure was on fire again near St. Petersburg. – At 3 a.m., representatives of the federal, regional and local authorities gathered to coordinate fire-fighting activities, said Yuri Zapalatsky, a representative of the local authorities.

The gas terminal on the Gulf of Finland had to be closed. Russians say the cause of the fire was an “external factor,” but witnesses report that drones were again heard over the Leningrad Oblast.

Ukrainians attack various Russian targets with drones. One of the recordings shows the destruction of the aggressor’s air defense system and, as reported by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the airstrike was carried out using a Polish kamikaze drone.

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However, the Russians also use unmanned aerial vehicles, and more and more often. – In the Sumy Oblast, the Russians have become more active. They started using drones. They didn’t do it before, but it changed about a month ago and each time they are getting closer, said “Rolnik”, a soldier of the Ukrainian army.

Fierce fighting continues in Donbas. Independent sources report that the Kremlin army took control of one of the towns in the Luhansk Oblast. – There have been over 100 intense clashes on the front lines in recent days, said President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Russians are stationed in Horlivka, near Donetsk, but the Ukrainians hold positions in the suburbs and civilians remain in the middle. -When will peace finally come? This has been going on for 10 years. We still believe that there will be peace, although now I have the impression that we will all die one by one, says Tatiana Zhulikova, a resident of Horlivka.

According to the occupation administrators, 20 people died as a result of the attack on Horlovka, but Russians and Ukrainians blame each other for the shelling of the apartment blocks. – I heard shots. I immediately got up and started praying. All I could think about was to start praying as soon as possible. I finished, lay in bed and waited, Tatiana reports.

Fire at the fuel base in the city of Klintsy Reuters

Russian women visit the electoral headquarters

Several Russian women spoke loudly about waiting for their husbands who were storming Ukraine on Moscow’s orders. – We want to know what to do while going through our personal hell. How to sleep, how to eat when our loved ones are not around us – says Ksenia.

Women with questions and fears about their husbands’ lives came to Vladimir Putin’s campaign headquarters in Moscow. They met with those who blindly believe that the war in Ukraine is supposedly Russia’s defense against external danger. – The Ministry of Defense has spent its money, so now we have to squeeze everything out of our boys? Squeeze every last bit of life out of them? And who will come back to us? Will they send us the stumps of their arms or legs? Or maybe they will come back, but sick, without legs or arms? Don’t know what’s going on there? – asked Marija Andreeva, the wife of a Russian soldier.

Russians may not know what is happening in Ukraine because propaganda fuels nationalist and imperialist sentiments. The West, having full operational and intelligence knowledge, warns against the Kremlin’s ambitions and leaving Ukraine without support.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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