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Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz on the opposition’s run in the elections: the best way to win the elections are two electoral lists

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Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, chairman of the PSL, said in the “Tak jest” program on TVN24 that in his opinion the best way for the opposition to win the parliamentary elections is a variant in which it runs in two blocs. He said that in such a situation, “the result in the number of seats may turn out to be very favorable in the end.” He also pointed to a situation in which the “risk of a Pyrrhic victory” is increased.

Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamyszchairman PSLhe was asked in the program “Tak jest” on TVN24 about the variant in which the opposition will go to this year’s parliamentary elections.

– In our opinion, the best way to win the election is two lists, as shown by the example Czech. Example Hungarian showed that one list, even a very wide one, does not give success. We tested it ourselves in Poland. We cannot lose voters who are moderate or even centre-right. On the other hand, those who have extreme left-wing views might not find a place in such a list, argued the leader of the peasants’ party.

– If there were three equal blocs – two on the opposition side and one on the government side – then d’Hondt (the method of converting votes into seats – ed.) would reward everyone and then this even fight would be much more possible to fight and the result in the number of seats may turn out to be very favorable in the end, he continued.

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Kosiniak-Kamysz on the “risk of a Pyrrhic victory”

At the same time, Kosiniak-Kamysz said that he was aware that the variant with one opposition list could bring greater personal benefits to the party. – If it was about me, about PSL, and only about our number of seats, we would probably be the best. Because we have recognizable names, a well-organized structure, experience, skills in all this. This could prove to be very beneficial for us as a party – he admitted.

However, he stated that the risk arises when PIS wins the elections minimally or even when the opposition would win the elections minimally, but would gain quite a large support – about 11-12 percent Confederation. He assessed that in such a situation the party becomes a “natural coalition partner of PiS”. “Then the risk of a Pyrrhic victory becomes very real,” he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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