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Wladyslawowo. A crying four-year-old on the beach. He only remembered that “the screen was in colorful fish”

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A four-year-old on the beach in Władysławowo moved away from his mother and the place where they rested. Other sunbathers came across the crying boy, among them was a policeman from Częstochowa, who was on vacation at the Baltic Sea. The child only remembered what his screen looked like. The officer borrowed a megaphone from the rescuers and together with the child set off to look for the four-year-old’s mother.

It was Friday afternoon (August 4). A policeman from Częstochowa was on vacation in Władysławowo when he noticed a lost and crying boy on the beach. The child was confused.

The officer approached him along with another man to find out what had happened.

“It turned out that a few-year-old boy left his mother while playing on the beach and could not find her. The four-year-old only remembered that his screen was in colorful fish” – informs the Provincial Police Headquarters in Katowice.

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According to the uniform, the policeman calmed the boy down, took him in his arms and went in search of the screen described by the child.

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With a megaphone borrowed from the lifeguards, they walked across the beach, making the announcement. After about 30 minutes, we managed to track down the screen, and the child’s mother next to it. “Laughing, seeing his mother, he was safe and sound in her arms. This story ended happily thanks to the immediate reaction of the law enforcement officer and the help of another man” – emphasized in the message.

Police officers explain how to ensure the safety of the child

Uniforms sensitize not to leave the child unattended even for a moment. They recommend that you teach them basic personal details, such as name and hometown, as well as parents’ names and surnames, just in case.

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“Let’s remember, however, that in a stressful situation most children forget basic information, so let’s take care of a bracelet or armband with the contact details of parents or guardians. This is a very useful gadget not only during holidays and holiday trips, but also during walks or shopping. provide the child with a characteristic and visible element of clothing or a reflector, a luminous armband or bracelet. Then it will be easier to locate your child in the crowd” – emphasize the officers.

They also appeal to – even in jest – “never scare a child with a policeman.

“This is a common phenomenon and most parents are not aware of the destructive impact of such actions. A child must know that in any situation of life or security threat, a police officer is his friend. If we scare our child with a police officer, he will feel fear and anxiety and will not return to the police for help,” the uniform explained in a statement.

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