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Włocławek, Bydgoszcz. The 79-year-old, infected with the coronavirus, spent 9 hours in an ambulance before being hospitalized

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The 79-year-old Mr. Bronisław was sent between 100 kilometers away in Włocławek and Bydgoszcz. He traveled the route three times and spent nine hours in an ambulance. The National Health Fund has already announced an urgent clarification of this matter.

About what happened to Mr. Bronisław from Włocławek, his daughter wrote on Contact 24. Her dad was 78 and contracted COVID-19, she said. It was the eighth day of illness on Saturday. His health began to deteriorate, so at 2 p.m. they called an ambulance.

The man was first hospitalized in Włocławek. Paramedics suspected that, in addition to the coronavirus, the 78-year-old may have suffered a stroke. They do not have a proper ward, so they directed the ambulance to a hospital in Bydgoszcz, 100 kilometers away. After reaching the place, the man was examined in the hospital emergency department. There, after the research, the stroke was not confirmed. The doctor said it was the symptoms of COVID-19. The person on duty from the Bydgoszcz hospital sent the ambulance with the patient back to Włocławek. There, however, the doctor refused to admit it, explaining that there were no free covid beds.


Places were searched for in nearby hospitals – in Aleksandrów Kujawski and Inowrocław. However, the beds were also occupied there. The ambulance crew had to return to Bydgoszcz with the patient. Ultimately, Mr. Bronisław was admitted on Saturday night to the University Hospital No. dr. J. Biziel in Bydgoszcz.

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– Every now and then dad calls me, he barely speaks – the man’s daughter told us on the phone. “The thing that terrified me was driving and tormenting him,” she added.

Mr. Bronisław spent nine hours in the ambulance.

“Perhaps there was not enough time, maybe good will”

The director of the hospital in Włocławek explained briefly in a telephone interview with a TVN24 reporter that all covid beds were occupied, therefore they did not accept the man. However, she did not want to comment further on the situation.

In turn, the director of medical treatment in the Bydgoszcz hospital admitted that mistakes had been made.

– It is difficult for us to say why the patient from the area of ​​Włocławek was referred so far to us, with suspicion of the symptoms he had. According to the doctors who examined the patient at the HED, the diagnosis was not confirmed. Therefore, they decided that it would be appropriate to send you to the hospital in the area where you live – says Agnieszka Rogalska, medical director of the University Hospital no. dr. J. Biziel in Bydgoszcz. – Perhaps there was not enough time, maybe good will, maybe our doctor from the HED should do more diligence in this regard. However, in a situation where we have a lot of patients, we are not able to manage the entire logistics as well as we would like – she added.

The National Health Fund has already announced an urgent clarification of this matter.

The ambulance with Mr. Bronisław covered this route three times

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