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Wloclawek. The pursuit of a 32-year-old. He received fines for over PLN 21,000 and 111 penalty points – recording

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He did not stop for control, and while escaping from the police, he violated a number of regulations, led to four collisions, drove against the flow and on the pavement. The 32-year-old driver was punished after a chase through the streets of Włocławek (Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship). He received fines of over PLN 21,000 and 111 penalty points. The end of the chase was recorded by a camera on the uniform of one of the policemen.

Police officers from the traffic police, who last Thursday (March 16) patrolled the streets of Włocławek, after 7 noticed the driver of the Volkswagen driving without fastened seat belts. What’s more, his car didn’t have a rear wiper. The uniforms decided to stop the man for roadside control and turned on the light and sound signals.

– However, the man ignored the commands of the uniformed officers and began to flee through the streets of the city, during which he broke a number of regulations. He ended his ride at the intersection of Wyszyńskiego and Toruńska streets, where he entered between vehicles waiting for a change of light in front of the traffic light. He then fled on foot, but was quickly stopped by uniformed officers, reports the superintendent. Joanna Seligowska-Ostatek, press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Włocławek.

The last fragment of the chase can be seen on the recording from the body camera, which one of the policemen had on his uniform. – Wyszynski! Hit the marks, continues. Wyszyński, towards Toruńska, caused a collision – we hear on the recording. Later, the officers are seen running after the driver who abandoned the car and stop him.

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A chase through the streets of WłocławekKMP Wloclawek

The escapee turned out to be a 32-year-old resident of Włocławek. He was sober, but according to police, an initial test showed methamphetamine in his system.

He ran away from the police, led to four collisions. He was fined PLN 21,000TVN24

Fines for over PLN 21,000 and 111 penalty points

– For breaking a number of road rules, including causing four collisions, driving against the flow and on the pavement, the man was fined by the police for a total amount of over PLN 21,000. In addition, 111 penalty points were credited to his account – says the spokeswoman of the Włocławek police. And he adds that it turned out that the man did not have a driver’s license. As the officers say, the penalty points still apply to him and have been assigned to his account.

The 32-year-old, who disregarded the police signals to stop, and while escaping through the streets of Włocławek, violated a number of regulations, has already suffered the consequences of his behavior.  The police punished him with 111 penalty points and fines for a total amount of over PLN 21,000.  The man will also be responsible for a series of thefts, and this is not the end of his crimes.

PLN 21,000 fine and 111 penalty points for a road pirateKMP Wloclawek

– Materials regarding this offense will go to the court, which may fine the man up to PLN 30,000. In addition, the police officers also prepared an application to the Insurance Guarantee Fund, as it turned out that his car did not have compulsory insurance, informs the policewoman.

He will also be responsible for a series of shopliftings

The 32-year-old will answer not only for failing to stop for a road check, but also for other crimes. Investigators determined that from October 2022 to February this year, he committed several shopliftings in Włocławek. He was to steal mainly alcohol, cigarettes, sweets and cosmetics for a total amount of over PLN 11,000. zloty.

He committed the crimes as a repeat offender, which is why he must take into account the penalty of many years in prison. For now, the court has decided that the 32-year-old will spend the next three months in pre-trial detention.

Main photo source: KMP Wloclawek

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