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Wlodawa, police. The deputy district police chief demolished the door of a closed restaurant, he was dismissed from service

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The deputy police chief from Włodawa, drunk, demolished the door to the restaurant. – He has already been dismissed from service – the official answer of the National Police Headquarters.

According to our information, the deputy district police chief in Włodawa (lubelskie province), junior inspector Dariusz Godlewski, took part in a social event last weekend. He played with the other cops.

Fighting the door, “giving a bouquet”

– He left alone. The crew of one of the police cars patrolling the city noticed a drunk man. They stopped, asking if he needed help. He gave them a bouquet – says tvn24.pl officer of the Lublin police.

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Several minutes later, the junior inspector tried to get into the already closed Italian restaurant. Surveillance cameras recorded him demolishing the locked door. When he finally reached the hotel where he had rented a room, he tried to break into the room of one of the guests. Police officers were called to the spot.

The junior inspector was immediately dismissed from service. The prosecutor’s office will assess whether his behavior did not bear the hallmarks of a crime.

Junior Inspector Godlewski put on a police uniform in 1997. From the middle of last year, he was the deputy commander of the poviat police in Włodawa, where he supervised the work of the operational department.

A series of mishaps

– The bad streak of the Polish police has its reasons, it is not just a series of cases. The fish rots from the head down and it’s time for the minister to resign Mariusz Kaminskiwho personally supervises the police – believes MP Marek Biernacki, who works in the committee of internal affairs and administration.

According to our interlocutor, this “streak” is an accident of the chief police commander, General Jarosław Szymczyk, who detonated a grenade launcher next to his office.

Then two policemen from Pruszków near Warsaw took two young girls to the police car. After a moment of crazy driving with the “roosters” turned on, they crashed into a tree, and the passengers did not help.

Even more controversial was the actions, or rather inaction, of the police patrol that dealt with the three Spanish divers. Maritime services were called to help them on Sunday night, when conditions in the Baltic Sea were difficult. The men told the policemen that they had been fishing for amber and they were released – the policemen even allegedly wrote down the telephone number of one of the men wrongly.

Equipment found on diversMaritime Search and Rescue Service

Experts agree that the policemen did not take into account that the men were diving in the vicinity of strategically important infrastructure. They limited their activities to a minimum, although there is an increased level of threat in the country in connection with war in Ukraine.

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