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Włodawa. The organizers cancel the events, the services inform about the restrictions, and the border guard identifies tourists

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The Three Cultures Festival in Włodawa and the harvest festival in the Hanna commune – among others, such events in the Włodawa poviat (Lublin voivodeship) were canceled due to the introduction of a state of emergency in the areas along the border with Belarus. Tourists have left these areas. Those who stay overnight in nearby towns – which are not covered by the zone – are informed about the restrictions.

“Canceling the Festival is also a great regret for us. This year’s edition, which we have been working on for a year and put a lot of effort and costs into it, was practically buttoned up to the proverbial last button” – we read on the Facebook profile of the Three Cultures Festival.

// All conversations in front of the TVN24 camera were recorded outside the state of emergency //

This year, the event, organized by the Museum-Synagogue Complex, was to be held for the 22nd time. It was canceled due to the fact that the city is located in an area where a state of emergency was introduced.

It is not known how long the state of emergency will last

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– We were considering postponing the event. They did not decide to do so, because although the state of emergency is introduced for 30 days, it may be extended. So we do not know how long it will take – says the director of the museum Anita Lewczuk aka Leoniuk in an interview with TVN24.

The museum itself is open, but tourists won’t get there. – We regret this, but let’s hope that the state of emergency will end soon – emphasizes the director.

Thousands of people came to the festival

Andrzej Romańczuk, the starost of Włodawa, echoes her. – The Three Cultures Festival is a unique event attended by thousands of people from all over Poland and abroad. Various kinds of concerts were planned. Work on finalizing the program, finding contractors and signing contracts lasted all year, he says.

The starost of Włodawa Andrzej Romańczuk says that the district harvest festival in the Hanna commune had to be canceled

He adds that the starosty also had to cancel several other events planned together with cultural institutions or local government units. – It is mainly about the district harvest festival in the Hanna commune, which was to be held next Sunday – he emphasizes.

The Border Internship stops tourists

Tourists also had to leave the towns where the state of emergency was in force. Artur Niestój, who came to this area for the weekend and stayed in Okuninka near Włodawa (i.e. a village not covered by the state of emergency), says that the Border Training internship stopped him on the road in front of Włodawa.

– They said that Włodawa is located in a state of emergency and if we stop there, we will get a PLN 500 fine. They let us go only because we have accommodation here (in Okuninka – editorial note) – he says.


On Friday, the Włodawa commune issued a communiqué stating that tourists and owners of recreational plots can stay in Okuninka without restrictions.

“The Border Guard and the Police will make it possible to travel to Okuninka via Włodawa on the basis of” transit “after prior identification and indication of the destination” – we read in the release.

It is supposed to be a shield for entrepreneurs

The restrictions related to the introduction of the state of emergency also apply to the nearby Biała Starosty.

– There is no doubt that there will be some problems, for example, with hunting, because you are not allowed to move with weapons in these zones. I think that the restrictions will also be felt by entrepreneurs from the hotel and catering industry. During the videoconference with the minister of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, there was an assurance that a shield was prepared to compensate them for the lost income – emphasizes Mariusz Filipiuk, the starost of Białystok.

The Three Cultures Festival takes place in Włodawa

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