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Włodzimierz Karpinski. There is a request for the arrest of a former minister

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Civic Coalition, Poland 2050, the Left, the Polish Peasants’ Party and local government officials signed on Tuesday in the Senate a declaration of concluding the so-called Senate Pact for the upcoming parliamentary elections. As Marcin Kierwiński (Civic Coalition) explained, this is a commitment to put up one candidate in each constituency. We know the importance of these choices. We know how much depends on us being together in these elections, he stressed. – We have initially estimated that there are 65 mandates within our reach – said Senator Zygmunt Frankiewicz.

There's a Senate pact. "There are 65 seats within our reach"

There’s a Senate pact. “There are 65 seats within our reach”

February 28 2023, 15:42

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