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Wloszakowice, Leszno. Prom fight, teacher gassed. The police intervened

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It was supposed to be fun, but ended up in a fight. According to the high school graduates from the Complex of Schools of Economics in Leszno (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship), the security guards who were supposed to watch over the safety of their prom and led to conflicts are to blame for everything. – If it turns out that everything they say is true, then we will have to draw the consequences from it – one of the organizers of the event told Radio Elka. The police intervened on the spot.

The event took place on the night from Friday to Saturday. – For the first time in twenty years, the prom was organized by students and parents – an organizing committee was formed, which arranged, among others, a hall, photographers, a music group, and security guards – says Arkadiusz Figaj, deputy director of the Economic School Complex in Leszno.

The party took place in the wedding hall in Włoszakowice. As described by the portal of Radio Elka, which was the first to inform about the case, from the very beginning of the event, the security guards employed to keep order were supposed to behave aggressively.

– They were uncultured, vulgar, unpleasant – one of the participants reported to the radio.

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– They told the teacher to fuck off, they pushed us, we had to ask ourselves to be able to go outside for a cigarette – said one of the high school graduates.

Another was to be beaten by them. – We were smoking. My girlfriend fell over and a security guard came over and asked if she was okay. I don’t know why, at some point one of them took me “by the rags” aside, handcuffed me and beat me with a telescopic baton. To this day I have a trace – the victim told Radio Elka.

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The vice principal of the school: Pepper spray was used on the teacher

According to the vice-principal of the school, he learned about all the events from students, their parents and teachers. He himself did not arrive at the party due to illness, and the school principal left at 11.30 p.m. – Prom lasted until 2 o’clock, nervous situations occurred at the end of it – says Figiel, adding that the descriptions of the situation show that the security either exceeded its competence or reacted inadequately to the situation.

– At the moment, the school has no information whether the security guards were provoked or caused incidents of profanity and other situations of their own invention. One teacher was pepper sprayed. Her report shows that one of the students moved towards the security guard who used pepper spray on him, and the teacher got a ricochet – explains Figiel. As he says, the school is clarifying the matter with the security company.

Radio Elka talked to one of the organizers of the prom. He is a student of the school whom the party participants indicate as the one who was responsible for hiring security. As he assessed, the security guards’ interventions were provoked by the participants of the prom. “I’m sorry that this happened to my peers, and I don’t blame the parents for being fearful. However, I have the impression that the whole situation is driven by a group of injured people who present only one side of these events. If it turns out that everything they say is true, then we will have to draw the consequences from it – he stressed in an interview with the radio.

The manager of the premises: it was the security guard who started the fight

The police intervened on the spot. According to the vice principal of the school, one of the teachers called her. The manager of the premises also called the police after seeing a fight between students and security guards.

– The fight started with a security guard approaching a student with whom he was having verbal skirmishes. Suddenly there was a shoving and then a fight. Then the security took out gas and sprayed it on the students. Three security guards and two or three students were involved in the fight. It ended with the arrival of the policemen, who separated the combatants and wrote them down – says Diana Tylińska, the event manager of the wedding hall in Włoszakowice.

The police are investigating

However, the Leszno police do not inform about separating the fighting students from the security guards. – Police officers around 2 am received a call to intervene in the premises in Włoszakowice, where the prom was taking place. Local officials rushed to the spot immediately. When the officers arrived, it turned out that the party had already ended. The policemen arrived at the time of the dispersal of the participants, but they checked several people on the spot and that was the end of the intervention – explains Asp. pcs. Monika Żymełka, press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Leszno.

As he adds, so far none of the participants of the prom has made any formal notification in this matter. – The police, on the basis of media reports in the screening mode, collects information about this event – he explains. Among other things, it turned to the manager of the premises to secure the recordings from the surveillance cameras.

Radio Elka/ elka.pl, TVN24 Poznań

Main photo source: TVN24 archive

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