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WMO on heat. Hot until next week. Climate changes and heat

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As predicted by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), although the heatwave in Europe reaches its peak on Tuesday, it is still a long way from its end. Experts also warned that we should get used to such high temperatures.

Tuesday turned out to be record hot in many European countries. In Great Britain, for the first time in history, temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius were recorded. It is also extremely hot in France, Belgium and Germany, where records can also break.

“When will this end?”

As expected by WMO, the heatwave in Europe will reach its peak on Tuesday, but temperatures could remain above normal until the middle of next week.

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– We look to the future, asking ourselves: “when will it end?” – said Robert Stefanski from the WMO Climate Services Department during the Tuesday press conference. – Unfortunately, looking at all the models delivered by our partners nationally and regionally, probably not earlier than the middle of next week.

It will take more casualties in the heat

The conference was also attended by the Secretary General of WMO Petteri Taalas, who warned that due to climate change such heat waves will occur more and more often.

“In the future, such heatwaves will be the norm and we will see even stronger extremes,” he said. – We have introduced so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that the negative trend will continue for the next decades.

Taalas also stressed that he expects even more deaths among the elderly and the sick from the ongoing heatwave, which is a serious challenge for health services. There is also a threat from raging fires that will affect agricultural production and the availability of food in the world.

– I hope that such events will alert the governments of many countries, and in democratic countries they will translate into election results – Taalas pointed out.

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