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Wojciech Bojanowski in “You ask TVN24 is answering”. Meeting on Facebook and answers to internet users’ questions

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The journalist from “Fakt” TVN and TVN24, Wojciech Bojanowski, as part of the series “You ask, TVN24 answers”, faced questions from Internet users. He talked about, among other things, whether he was thinking about changing his profession. Difficult and dangerous situations were also asked.

The series “You ask, TVN24 answers” is a program that was created on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the station. On the TVN24 Facebook page, you can ask a question to TV journalists every week. Wojciech Bojanowski, a journalist from “Fakt” TVN and TVN24, author of reports prepared for “Supervisor” TVN: “Death at the police station” and “Let it sink”.

A man for special tasks tvn24


Reporting which event was the most difficult for you?

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Wojciech Bojanowski: There were a lot of such events that were difficult to report. The first thing that comes to my mind is shooting down a Malaysian plane over Ukraine, lot MH17where several hundred people died. I learned, as usual in dramatic events, from my mother. Then we assembled very quickly, jumped on a plane, flew to Kiev, and from Kiev to the next plane. We were there ten or twelve hours after that plane was shot down. The hour of “Facts” was approaching then. The publisher asked me to enter “Facts” and I was shocked. It was a gruesome sight, people were trying to sort it all out. Then you enter the terminator mode. It was difficult to report. In general, Ukraine and 2014 were events that are hard to forget.

Reporting which event was the most difficult for Wojciech Bojanowski?FACEBOOK / TVN24

Would you trade a reporter for any other job?

Wojciech Bojanowski: I do not know I do not know. When I was little, I had two ideas for myself. I thought that I could become a farmer, which is still on my mind, or a philosopher.

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Do you still have contact with the refugees you saved?

Wojciech Bojanowski: I have. I must say that it is unique in a reporter’s work, that we meet a lot of people on our way, heroes with whom we make friends. There are a lot of people with whom I worked as a journalist for these fifteen years, with whom I managed to make friends. Contact with refugees is mainly through communicators, but we sometimes talk to each other. They are wonderful people, extremely ambitious. They left everything behind and followed their dreams, I appreciate that.

Bojanowski: it is unique in a reporter’s work that we meet a lot of people on our way with whom we become friends FACEBOOK / TVN24

Which of the reports was the most dangerous in your opinion?

Wojciech Bojanowski: I like adrenaline, I like things happening and I like being in the center of things, but I do not load myself into situations that could be dangerous. I’ve had a few times when I was scared. I had one of these situations in Thailand. In Egypt, I was arrested for over a day.

Do you think that you could make such good reports on another television?

Wojciech Bojanowski: Not. I could only do such reports on TVN24. It is a very good workplace where we work very well. I don’t want this to change in any way. Here we have the freedom to do what we want, we can work the way we want, and sometimes we have time to deal with things that are important, relevant, and require a little more work.

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