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Wojciech Serednicki is dead. A well-known anesthesiologist from Krakow died at the age of 53

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Wojciech Serednicki, doctor of medical sciences, from the university hospital in Krakow, is dead. A well-known anaesthesiologist, intensive care advisor to the Małopolska Voivode and voivodship consultant in the field of anaesthesiology and intensive care was 53 years old. “We will not forget your involvement in the care of patients, your knowledge, passion and skills, which have saved their lives many times, and the fact that every meeting with you left a mark on people” – said the doctor in Krakow hospital farewell.

The voivode of Małopolska, Łukasz Kmita, informed on Facebook about the death of Wojciech Serednicki, doctor of medical sciences. As he wrote, he was “an outstanding anesthesiologist, but above all a very kind man”. The voivode added that the doctor “in recent months” has been particularly involved in the fight against COVID-19. “He was my intensive care advisor. Give him eternal rest, Lord …” wrote Kmita.


The voivode attached to the entry a statement in which he wrote that “with deep regret and sadness” he received the information about the doctor’s death.

“The death of the late Dr. Wojciech Serednicki saddened us very much. Małopolska lost an outstanding anesthesiologist, scientist, doctor devoted to his patients. The memory of the joint fight to save human health and life, not only in the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, forever will remain in our hearts, “we read. Kmita also conveyed “the most sincere condolences” to his family and relatives.

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Wojciech Serednicki died at the age of 53.

University Hospital in Krakow:

The statement was also published by the University Hospital in Krakow. “It is with great pain and sadness that we convey the news about the death of an outstanding anesthesiologist, a valued specialist, but most of all our friend – Wojciech Serednicki” – it was written.

“We will not forget your commitment to caring for patients, your knowledge, passion and skills that have saved their lives many times, and the fact that every meeting with you left a mark on people. You left a huge void, Wojtek! We hope that from there where now you are, you will be able to watch the matches of your beloved Cracovia. We express our sincere condolences to the family and loved ones “- added.

A representative of the voivode, voivodship consultant, supporter of vaccination against COVID-19

Dr. nm Wojciech Serednicki was the plenipotentiary of the Małopolska Voivode for the provision of intensive care in Małopolska, a provincial consultant in the field of anesthesiology and intensive care from the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy of the Trauma Center, Emergency Medicine and Catastrophes of the University Hospital in Krakow.

Repeatedly commented for TVN24 the epidemic situation in Poland and drew attention to the role of vaccination against COVID-19. – All the forces and resources, both of the state and all social organizations and all important people in medicine, art, almost, anything, should be involved in ensuring that Poles vaccinate – he spoke in April in the program in “Tak jest”.

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