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Wojsławice. They put the bullet in a pot, then set it on fire. There is a third arrested

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The men found a bullet in the woods, placed it in a metal pot and set it on fire. There was an explosion that was heard by local residents. The authorities were notified of the matter. First, two people were arrested, now the police inform about another detainee. Everyone heard the allegations, and sappers checked the area where the discovery was made. More unexploded ordnances have been discovered.

On Sunday, residents notified the services of a huge bang coming from the vicinity of the forest in Wojsławice. Police officers were sent to the site, who secured the site of the explosion from access by outsiders. Together with soldiers and firefighters, they carried out activities on the spot. On Tuesday We reported the arrest of two men – aged 29 and 33 – who led to the explosion. As it turned out, the men found the bullet in the forest. “They put him in a metal pot, poured a flammable substance on him and set him on fire. The moment was recorded on a phone. They left the burning projectile behind and went home themselves, the police said.

They put the bullet in a pot and lit itMasovian Police

Third arrested

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Now the officers inform that a 34-year-old was also detained in the case – with the participation of uniformed officers from the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. “Both he and his two companions were charged with possession and use of an explosive device, which, in accordance with Article 171 of the Penal Code, is punishable by up to eight years in prison,” the press team of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Radom informs in a press release. Drugs were found on the 29-year-old arrested earlier, officials said. The man was arrested for three months and the other two suspects were placed under police supervision.

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Sappers searched the area and found more unexploded ordnanceMazovian police

They searched the area, found more unexploded ordnance

“During the trial, the detained men showed the police the place where the bullet was found. To ensure safety and avoid further dangerous incidents, the officers asked the sappers to check the indicated area. The military from the 1st Road and Bridge Battalion in Dęblin checked the area very carefully for three days” – reported the press team. Effect? More unexploded ordnances found. 22 artillery shells and two fuses were transported by sappers and detonated.

1. Do not touch, move or carry an explosive object. 2. mark the place and immediately move away from the endangered area. 3. Immediately notify the services of the find

Main photo source: Masovian Police

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