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Wojtek won with cancer. The story of an 8-year-old gives hope to others

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8-year-old Wojtek has already finished anti-cancer treatment, he feels stronger and stronger, he wants to return to sports, and to start with school. May this story comfort all who are also struggling.

There is a lot of life and a lot of laughter in the home of Wojtek Kwiatkowski, who has just won the fight against thigh bone cancer. The scar on the rehabilitated leg shows the place where the doctors removed the bone and implanted the endoprosthesis.

The team of “Fakty” TVN met Wojtek six months ago at the Institute of Mother and Child, when he was finishing chemotherapy. Wojtek’s parents were close to a breakdown when it turned out in April 2022 that their beloved son – until now fully healthy – had cancer. It started with his leg a little swollen. – After a week of time, we decided to act and go to the primary care physician. (…) He immediately sent us for an X-ray – said Damian Kwiatkowski, Wojtek’s father in February. Now the boy is cured.

– We’ve finished the treatment. We are actually happy because everything is fine. Oncology is fine. Of course, we will control it. In fact, when half a year has passed, there is a very good chance that the disease will not recur, argues Professor Anna Raciborska, head of the Department of Oncology and Oncological Surgery of Children and Adolescents at the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw.

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“I wanted to show the problem of cancer as widely as possible”The Medical Journalist of the Year 2021 plebiscite has been resolved. Adrianna Otręba, a journalist of the TVN24 magazine “Polska i Świat”, received the main prize and a special prize of the competition. She was appreciated for the series “Scars” and “Scars. Oncology” presented on TVN24 GO. – I wanted this series to be a guide for those who are ill, who are just starting their oncological path. I wanted to show the problem of cancer as widely as possible – said the awarded journalist in “Fakty po Południu”.Facts in the afternoon

It’s worth hoping

In Poland, doctors diagnose cancer in over a thousand children every year. The most common are leukemias, brain tumours, lymphomas and sarcomas. Wojtek just had a sarcoma. – We understood that this opponent does not have the black PR that they claim. You can win with him. These are the professor’s words – Wojtek’s father adds. The professor also emphasizes that you have to be happy and at the same time check whether Wojtek’s sarcoma will not attack again, but above all you have to be positive.

– We have drugs to treat such children and the prognosis for such children may also be good. It is worth exercising, it is worth rehabilitating, it is worth walking – enumerates Professor Anna Raciborska. It’s also worth hoping. This is a message to the parents of children who are still struggling with the disease at home and in oncology wards throughout Poland. – She would wish them a lot of health, a lot of peace and a lot of love, because it seems to me that these are the most valuable, the most important things in life, and that they would just trust the doctors, that they would just stay with their children for better and for worse – says Emilia Kwiatkowska Wojtek’s mother.

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