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Wola Rebkowska. He claimed that he had been beaten and could not breathe. Police: he made it up. What threatens him?

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The officers intervened in the village near Garwolin. The services were called by a 47-year-old man. “He said he was beaten, unable to breathe and needed medical attention. Alarmed police officers who quickly arrived on the scene discovered that this story was made up. The man will be brought to court for his reckless behavior,” the police said.

On the night from Friday to Saturday, alarmed by a serious-sounding report, police officers went to Wola Rębkowska to intervene.

“The applicant claimed that he was beaten and could not breathe. On the spot, however, the police determined that the 47-year-old had made up the whole story. The medical services that arrived at the scene did not find any serious injuries. The man was clearly under the influence of alcohol and claimed that his leg hurts, so he demanded that policemen or paramedics … take him home. The policemen informed him about the legal consequences of such behavior, for which he will soon be charged in court, “wrote Małgorzata Pychner from the Mazowiecka Police in a press release.

Police: It’s a misdemeanor

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As the policewoman added in the message, “it happens that officers are called to intervene completely without justification.”

“During this time, they could guard order in other places or help people in real need. They treat every report to the uniforms very seriously. However, there are such calls after which all emergency services are put on high alert. When it comes to the implementation of the intervention, it turns out that “The reporting party called the patrol without reason. This is an offence. People who call the police without reason must take legal responsibility into account” – recalled the policewoman.

Article 66 of the Misdemeanor Code (call a false alarm) says:

1) wanting to trigger an unnecessary action, false information or otherwise mislead a public utility institution or an authority protecting security, public order or health,

2) deliberately, without a justified reason, blocks the emergency telephone number, hindering the proper functioning of the emergency notification center

shall be punishable by arrest, restriction of liberty or a fine of up to PLN 1,500.

§ 2. If the offense caused an unnecessary action, you can order a surcharge up to PLN 1,000.

On 112 they report a broken lamp or a lost PIN. Now they can be severely punishedJail for blocking emergency numbers. The president signed the bill, and the jokes ended. The penalties are severe because the problem is serious. Some call the emergency number several hundred times a day. And every time it’s a false alarm. TVN facts

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