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Wola Rzędzińska. The 82-year-old was overwhelmed by the furniture and the woman had been waiting for help for four days

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An inhabitant of Wola Rzędzińska near Tarnów (Małopolska) was trapped for four days under a wardrobe, which fell on her. The senior citizen was helped by policemen who were visiting people in need as part of the Winter Action. The woman was taken to hospital.

A senior woman from Wola Rzędzińska, crushed by a wardrobe, waited for help for four days. Information about this was provided on Monday by the spokesman of the Małopolska police, Sebastian Gleń. The help came thanks to the fact that at that time the district, as part of the Winter Action, visited places where people in need of help may stay.

They saved the 82-year-old

The entrance to the property of an 82-year-old woman was open, but the door to the house was closed. Despite knocking and calling, no one answered. When asked by the officers, the neighbors said that they had not seen the woman for several days. Police officers called firefighters who broke into the house.


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Inside, an elderly woman was found lying on the floor between the wardrobe and the couch. Moreover, the jars fell on her. The senior woman was unable to get out of the trap on her own. She was extremely exhausted and cold.

The 82-year-old was hospitalizedMalopolska Police

– After removing the obstacles, the woman was transported outside, where the paramedics were already. They treated the wounded and transported her to the hospital in Dąbrowa Tarnowska – said Gleń.

As it was established on the basis of conversations with the neighbors and the victim herself, she lay crushed by a wardrobe and jars in her own house for four days.

Main photo source: Malopolska Police

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