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Wola Rzędzińska. The bus is stuck at a railway crossing, the police are looking for passengers

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The police are looking for passengers of the Tarnów MPK bus, which stopped between the toll gates at a railway crossing in Wola Rzędzińska (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) on January 19. The driver ignored the red light and stood on the track. He lost his driving license and his job with the carrier, and now he faces serious charges.

A dangerous incident occurred on January 19 early in the morning at a rail-road crossing in Wola Rzędzińska near Tarnów (Lesser Poland Voivodeship). The city bus driver ignored the red light and drove through the lowering barriers, standing in the middle of the intersection. Passengers, including children, escaped, and the alerted train drivers began to brake. One of the vehicles stopped about 120 meters in front of the bus.

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The bus damaged one of the barriers. The entire incident was recorded by a surveillance camera. The recording was published PKP PLK.

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Bus at a railway crossing. The police are looking for witnesses

As the press officer of the police in Tarnów, Staff Aspirant Paweł Klimek, informed on Thursday, the local command is investigating an attempt to bring about the risk of a disaster in land traffic.

– The collected material in the form of monitoring from a city bus, as well as railway crossing cameras, was recorded by people who traveled on this bus. So far, it has not been possible to determine their personal data, the press officer said.

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The police appeal for people riding this bus and getting off it on the tracks to contact the person conducting the proceedings by phone: 47 831 13 80duty officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Tarnów under number 47 831 12 22alarm 112 or directly electronically by sending information to the e-mail address: mieni.kmp@tarnow.policja.gov.pl or dziennik@tarnow.policja.gov.pl.

Police findings

After the incident, the police reviewed the camera footage recording the railway crossing along ul. H. Marusarz. They determined that the city bus driver ignored the red signal prohibiting entry to the railway route, then after the barriers fell to the roof, he stopped, drove a few more meters and let the passengers out of the vehicle. Another driver, observing the incident, slightly raised the barriers so that the bus could leave the track.

The traffic controller, immediately after receiving a signal on the monitor about a fault in the crossing device and quickly recognizing the situation, used the “Alarm” signal to automatically stop the train approaching the crossing – reported Dorota Szalacha from the press team of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe after the incident.

The bus driver lost his driving license and was dismissed from work at MPK in Tarnów on disciplinary grounds. He faces a fine of at least PLN 2,000, but the case is also under investigation for creating a direct risk of a disaster in land traffic. So far, the man has not been charged.

Shortly after this incident, on February 4, another one happened at the same railway crossing the driver ignored the red light prohibiting entry to the track and got stuck when the barriers on both sides lowered. A dozen or so seconds later he crossed the track towards the east, in front of the bumper of a Ford passenger car. PKP PLK also published a recording of this event.

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Penalties for ignoring traffic lights

According to the Code of Petty Offenses, for “violation by the driver of a vehicle at a railway crossing of the prohibition to enter behind a signal with a red signal, a flashing red signal or two alternately flashing red signals, or another device transmitting these signals” The penalty is a fine of PLN 2,000.

A road participant or other person on a public road, in a residential zone or a traffic zone, as well as the driver of a vehicle who violates the prohibition of: 1) driving around lowered barriers or half-barriers at a railway crossing, entering the crossing if the lowering of the barriers or half-barriers has been started or lifting them has not been completed, and entering or entering a railway crossing behind a signal or other device transmitting signals, with a red signal, a flashing red signal or two alternatingly flashing red signals, 2) entering a railway crossing if there is no crossing on the other side place to continue driving, shall be subject to the penalty of arrest, restriction of liberty or a fine of not less than PLN 2,000.

The number is not only for threatssafe-przejazd.pl

Main photo source: PKP PLK SA

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