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Wolka Czuczycka. He did not stop for inspection, the policeman shot the tire. 21-year-old BMW driver ‘under the influence’

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The 21-year-old did not stop the car for police control, running away from the police car rammed the fence and drove into the ditch. He was prevented from further escape by an officer who shot the vehicle’s tyre. It turned out that the young driver was under the influence of alcohol.

The incident happened on Sunday, January 8. Before midnight, a police patrol from the Chełm police station in the town of Okszów noticed a BMW car that started at the sight of the police car. – When the uniform gave the signal to stop, the driver did not react and continued to flee. Then they set off in pursuit of him – reports Commissioner Ewa Czyż, press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Chełm.

As the policewoman further informs, after driving a few kilometers in the village of Wólka Czuczycka, the BMW drove into a ditch. – When the policemen got out of the police car and ran to the BMW in order to stop the fugitive, he took off abruptly. Then one of the uniformed officers fired a shot in the direction of the tire – reports Commissioner Ewa Czyż.

The 21-year-old did not stop for police control, ran away from the police car, rammed the fence and drove into the ditchKMP in Chełm

They broke a window and pulled the driver out of the vehicle

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After breaking the window in the car, the officers pulled a 21-year-old resident of Chełm out of the vehicle. According to the Chełm police, the man was under the influence of alcohol, he had more than 0.8 per mille of alcohol in his system. – Together with him in the car was a 16-year-old passenger and a 20-year-old who was also intoxicated – informed Ewa Czyż.

According to the police, both young men were already listed in the police files. – 21-year-old for participating in a fight or beating and making threats. The 20-year-old, in turn, has drug crimes, insults and violations of the inviolability of an officer, as well as drunk driving, informed Czyż.

The 16-year-old was wanted by the police in connection with the arbitrary departure from her place of residence.

Three people were traveling in the car, a 21-year-old driver, a 20-year-old passenger and a 16-year-old girl KMP in Chełm

When the driver sobers up, he will be charged

The 21-year-old was arrested, and his younger friend was sent to the sobering-up station. When the 21-year-old sobers up, further procedural steps will be performed with his participation.

According to the police, driving while intoxicated is punishable by imprisonment of up to two years. Failure to stop for a roadside inspection is punishable by up to five years in prison. The driver may also be responsible for destroying the fence of the property he drove into.

Main photo source: KMP in Chełm

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