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Wólka Kosowska. Fire in the market hall. Firefighters brought the fire under control

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On Saturday afternoon, a fire broke out in one of the halls in Wólka Kosowska. After a few hours, firefighters brought the fire under control. It will take until the morning to extinguish the fire. There is no information about any injured people.

A market hall caught fire in Wólka Kosowska near Warsaw on Saturday afternoon. We received the first information about the fire at… Contact 24.

The fire was spreading. Initially, only six stalls burned. The fire later engulfed a 30,000-square-meter building filled with textiles. square meters of the hall, at least one fifth. Firefighters point out that the operation in the case of facilities such as halls with clothes, shoes and materials is very difficult. The number of fire brigades participating in the operation reached 50.

– People who were in the hall evacuated first on their own, and then with the help of firefighters who reached Wólka. For now, there is no information about any injured people, said Junior Brig. Łukasz Darmofalski from the Piaseczno State Fire Service.

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A fire in a hall in Wólka Kosowska Hot information Piaseczno County

Due to heavy smoke, a specialized chemical unit was brought in. – The air quality does not pose a threat to the health of residents – said the firefighter. There was also – as he emphasized – no threat to the sales and warehouse facilities adjacent to the hall.

A fire in a hall in Wólka Kosowska Hot information Piaseczno County

Before 7 p.m., firefighters could say that they were controlling the fire. – We still have fire at these six thousand meters, but it is no longer spreading – said Junior Brig. Darmofalski. – We have two drones with thermal cameras at our disposal, which monitor the situation in the hall from the air, so we can precisely determine where the fire is still burning – he added.

He estimated that it would take until the evening to extinguish the fire, and even until the morning.

Fire in a market hall in Wólka Kosowska. Firefighter on action

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Main photo source: Hot information Piaseczno County

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