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Wólka Kosowska. Jabłonowo. The border guard detained three Vietnamese citizens. They were supposed to be staying in Poland illegally

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Officers from the Border Guard Station in Warsaw detained three Vietnamese citizens. Their findings show that one did not implement the decision to return, and two crossed the border illegally.

– Officers from the Border Guard Post in Warsaw detained three Vietnamese citizens who were illegally staying in the country – said the spokeswoman for the Nadwiślański Border Guard Branch, Capt. Dagmara Bielec.

The arrest took place on Monday during an inspection of the legality of foreigners’ stay in Wólka Kosowska and Jabłonów near Warsaw. The detained are three men, aged 26, 33 and 47. According to the spokeswoman of the Nadwiślański Border Guard Unit, one of the detainees did not have any documents except a canceled passport, and the others only had passports, but without visas or other required residence permits.

He was supposed to return to Vietnam, but he stayed

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– The identity of the first man, as well as his residence status, were established on the basis of information contained in the Border Guard’s IT system. As it turned out, the man had not implemented the decision obliging him to return and banning him from re-entering the territory of the Republic of Poland and other Schengen countries for a period of 18 months, issued by the PSG commandant in Warsaw in November last year – said Capt. Dagmara Bielec.

She added that during this time the foreigner stayed in the Asian center, where he performed various odd jobs. – After the Vietnamese citizen was detained, steps were taken to place him in the Guarded Center for Foreigners in Biała Podlaska in order to implement the above-mentioned decision of the Commander of the Border Guard Post in Warsaw to oblige the foreigner to return – Bielec said.

A court hearing in this case is scheduled for Tuesday.

Border Guard: they crossed the border against the regulations

The Border Guard informed that the remaining two men, apart from the lack of residence documents, were accused of crossing the state border against the regulations – to Poland from Germany and Ukraine. – Administrative proceedings were initiated against them, ending with the issuance of a decision obliging them to return, in the case of the first one with a 15-day deadline for voluntary departure and a ban on re-entry into the territory of the Republic of Poland and other countries Schengen zone for a period of one year, in the second – with a 30-day deadline for voluntary departure and a ban on re-entry to Poland and Schengen countries for 2 years – said Bielec.

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Main photo source: border guards

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