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Wołomin. A drunk policeman crashed a convertible into a pole, his colleagues died. The end of the trial after the accident in Kobyłka. The prosecution wants the highest possible sentence

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Only after two hearings in the District Court in Wołomin, the trial of a former policeman who is accused of causing an accident in Wołomin ended. The man – in July 2022 – was driving three colleagues in a convertible, two of them on the trunk. When he lost control of the vehicle and hit a pole, both were killed. The prosecutor is demanding the highest possible sentence for the accused – 14 years in prison.

Already at the first hearing, the accused Adrian B., a former policeman, pleaded guiltybut declined to comment. In the explanations from the preparatory proceedings read out in the courtroom, he stated that he did not remember the event. With friends with whom he got into the Mercedes, he drank alcohol. He added that he couldn’t tell how fast he was going.

Witness: He may not have seen them because they were sitting behind his back

From the read explanations, it appeared that the defendant was convinced that he was driving the car only with the passenger next to him. At the second hearing, the court tried to determine whether this was even possible. Dariusz S., who was riding in the passenger seat, and who is being tried in separate proceedings for failing to provide assistance to the injured, admitted that he himself was aware that there were two other people sitting in the back. – But Adrian may not have seen them because they were sitting behind him, and the convertible probably does not have a rear-view mirror – said S. He added that it was dark because the accident happened after midnight, and the car was very noisy due to its construction. However, when questioned by the judge, he admitted that Adrian B. after the accident inquired whether one of the already deceased colleagues returned home alone, which may suggest that the defendant was aware that he was driving a car.

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The prosecution, on the other hand, delved into the reason why the four alcoholic men decided to go for a night drive. – Was it really, as the witnesses claim, about the loss of a gold chain in the home of one of the victims? the prosecutor inquired. However, the judge cut the thread short by saying that “whether it was a chain or an apron is irrelevant in this case.”


Much more important and likely to affect the verdict seems to be the issue of whether he was aware that two victims were lying next to the car. According to the prosecution, both Adrian B. and Dariusz S. left the vehicle and left the scene extremely quickly. Dariusz S. explained the failure to provide help with shock and fear for his own life, as sheaves of sparks were coming out of the broken traction, and smoke was coming out of the car.

The prosecution wants 14 years in prison

The court also tried to determine whether the defendant knew that a police car with its lights on was following him. According to the surviving passenger and the policeman who was supposed to intervene, he may not have been aware of it. The prosecution, however, cast doubt on the testimony of the officer, who did not conceal that he was a good friend of the accused. There was also the issue of compensation in the background of the case. Already at the previous hearing, one of the attorneys of the auxiliary prosecutors requested that the witnesses not be questioned due to an attempt to refer the case to mediation. Adrian B.’s lawyer, the accused former police officer, the second of the auxiliary prosecutors’ representatives and the victims, i.e. the wives of the deceased men, joined the motion. The court then decided to conduct evidence proceedings. As we heard on Monday from the mouth of one of the witnesses, the accused’s sister-in-law, the families did not come to an agreement, because the widowed women’s proposal amounted to half a million zlotys for each of them. One of the auxiliary prosecutors said that the compensation issues now want to be settled in civil proceedings. In his final speech, the prosecutor demanded 14 years of imprisonment for the accused. Theoretically, the maximum penalty for causing such an accident is 12 years, but the prosecution decided on the thesis that Adrian B. committed two crimes, first driving itself, and only then causing the accident. The accused once again apologized and asked for a low penalty, declaring that he wanted to take up work and pay a pension to the orphaned daughters of the victims.

He was drunk, fled the scene of the accident, transported passengers “oversize”

The accident happened on the night of July 21, 2022 in Kobyłka on Ręczajska Street. The driver of the convertible Mercedes SL500 lost control of the vehicle and hit a curb and then a pole. There were four people in the car. As a result of an event two people were killed and two escaped. Both men were arrested just before one o’clock. Unfortunately, one of them turned out to be a Warsaw officer who was off duty, the police reported at the time. At the beginning of December last year, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Wołomin filed an indictment in this case with the court. “It concerns two suspects. One of them is Adrian B., who, as established in the investigation, was driving a car. He exceeded the speed limit almost twice, because he was driving 93 kilometers per hour” – informed the Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor’s Office. She also reported that the man was carrying two passengers “oversize”. “It was a convertible with seats only for the driver and passenger, so only two people could travel in it. The two men, who were traveling on the trunk, fell out of the vehicle on the bend of the road and hit a concrete pole. Unfortunately, they died” – explained the prosecutor’s office . Investigators also noted that 1.27 per mille of alcohol was found in the blood of the policeman driving the convertible. Additionally, he and the passenger who survived the accident fled the scene. The prosecution also reported that Adrian B. was charged driving a vehicle while intoxicated, causing a fatal accident and fleeing the scene, and failing to provide assistance

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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