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Wołomin. Gang of thieves busted | TVN Warszawa

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29 stolen cars worth PLN 4 million, 45 stolen goods worth approximately PLN 6 million. Police officers from the capital inform about the dismantling of a gang of thieves in the Wołomin district. Nine people were detained, arrested and charged.

Warsaw police officers from the Department for Combating Automotive Crime, together with colleagues from the Central Police Investigation Bureau in Warsaw, dismantled a gang that was involved in burglary and theft of 45 cars.

According to the police, the suspects bought cars, houses and other real estate with money from vehicle thefts that have occurred in Warsaw and nearby counties over the past few years.

– At the request of the Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor’s Office, which is supervising the investigation, nine suspects were placed under temporary arrest, including two leaders of an organized criminal group – said Comm. Małgorzata Wersocka from the Warsaw Police.

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29 thefts

The police, supported by counterterrorists from BOA together with officers of the Bug River and Bieszczady border guard units, detained seven people and simultaneously entered 16 houses in the Wołomin district.

Another five people were brought from the detention center and prison, where they are serving sentences related to their previous criminal activities, including car theft.

Wersocka noted that – as determined by the investigators working on the case – the suspects had committed 29 car thefts worth a total of PLN 4 million and 45 thefts of entire cars worth approximately PLN 6 million.

Car parts on the property

Nine cars worth PLN 1.1 million and PLN 29,000 in cash were seized for future fines. During the search of the property, car parts worth PLN 280,000 worth of crime were found, which were secured for mechanical examination.

The prosecutor charged two suspects with leading a criminal group, and charged the remaining detainees with participating in this group, as well as charges of burglary and car theft.

Main photo source: KSP

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