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Wołomin. He died a day after being detained by the police. Machińska asks, Kierwiński answers

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Former deputy Ombudsman Hanna Machińska spoke about the case of a 23-year-old who died a day after he was taken to the police station in Wołomin. “Were the police officers suspended? I believe that now the proceedings in this case will be fair,” she wrote on social media. Marcin Kierwiński, Minister of Interior and Administration, reacted to the entry.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Wołomin (Masovian Voivodeship) is investigating the death of 23-year-old Bartosz. The man died a day after he was placed in the room for detained persons at the Wołomin police station. He allegedly told his mother that he was beaten there by policemen. He did not live to see the autopsy.

“The matter will be thoroughly explained”

Hanna Machińska, former deputy Ombudsman, spoke on this matter on social media. “A young man dies again after being detained by the police. This time at the police station in Wołomin. Have the policemen been suspended from their duties? I believe that now the proceedings in this case will be fair,” Machińska wrote on the X platform (former Twitter).

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Marcin Kierwiński, Minister of Interior and Administration, reacted to the entry. “Dear Commissioner, in this case, in addition to the prosecutor’s proceedings, an inspection of the Police Headquarters is being carried out. The results of the inspection will be known within several dozen hours. The case will be thoroughly explained and checked,” replied Kierwiński.

Internal control

As we reported on Tuesday, an internal audit is underway at the Wołomin police station. – On December 23, 2023, we received disturbing information about the death of a 23-year-old who had been in the Room for Detained Persons the day before. The District Police Commander in Wołomin immediately ordered inspection activities, which continued during the holiday season – informed us Monika Kaczyńska, spokeswoman for the Wołomin police.

– The police were questioned and recordings from surveillance cameras were secured. Taking into account the transparency of our activities, the prosecutor’s office, the Control Department of the Police Headquarters and the Police Internal Affairs Office were immediately informed, all the collected material was made available, as well as a set of recordings. Our activities remain ongoing, the policewoman added.

The policemen’s version

According to prosecutor Katarzyna Skrzeczkowska, spokeswoman for the Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor’s Office, an autopsy of the deceased was performed. – It did not show any traumatic changes that could have a direct impact on the man’s death. The representative of the deceased’s family participated in the autopsy, she said.

She also reported that proceedings were being conducted against the deceased 23-year-old. According to the police version, the man allegedly broke the car window. – The victims testified that the man behaved aggressively – Skrzeczkowska reported. The patrol detained a 23-year-old man because his backpack allegedly contained dried plants.

– While being transported to the police station, the man allegedly insulted police officers, intentionally hit his head against the police car’s window, and was constantly agitated and aggressive. The proceedings were discontinued due to the death of the suspect, summarized the spokeswoman of the prosecutor’s office.

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