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Women are increasingly experiencing negative emotions such as anger, sadness and stress. They worry more than men

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Women around the world are feeling increasingly angry, according to a Gallup World Poll conducted over the past ten years. In the past decade, women more often than men indicated negative emotions such as anger, anger, sadness and stress.

The Gallup World Poll surveys over 120,000 people every year. people in over 150 countries (a group representing over 98 percent of the world’s population) in terms of emotions. The results from the last decade were analyzed by the BBC. They clearly indicate that women more often than men feel anger, anger, sadness and stress, they also worry more. And these feelings have intensified in recent years.

More and more negative emotions in women

According to the BBC’s analysis, since 2012 women have been more likely than men to report feeling sad and worried, although men have also seen an increase in these emotions. Ten years ago, 22% of people reported feeling sad the day before the survey. women, and in 2021 already 31 percent. For comparison, in the case of men, it was 18% and 18%, respectively. and 25 percent The level of worry is also much higher. In 2021, 45% said so. women and 39 percent men, while in 2012 33 percent. women and 31 percent men.

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There are also big differences between the two sexes in the feeling of anger. Ten years ago, women and men experienced anger at a similar level (20%), but already in 2021 the difference between them was clear: 20%. men and 26 percent. women. The BBC points out that in some countries it was much higher than the global average. For example, in Cambodia was 17 percent, and India and Pakistan after 12. Psychiatrist Dr. Lakshmi Vijayakumar points out that this may be due to the fact that in these countries women are increasingly educated and become economically independent, while at the same time the patriarchal system and culture limit their development. “The dissonance between the patriarchal system at home and the emancipated woman outside the home causes a lot of anger,” says Dr. Vijayakumar.

Stress levels are also high in both sexes. In 2021, 42 percent. women and 39 percent men declared that felt stressed on the previous day, compared to 31% respectively. and 32 percent in 2012. Particularly high levels of stress among women were recorded in BrazilUruguay, Peruin Cyprus and Greece.

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BBC: Women feel they can make decisions

The BBC also commissioned a survey by Savanta ComRes on selected issues in the situation of women. It examined 15,723 women from fifteen countries – Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Mexico, USA, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkey, Great Britain and Ukraine.

It found that at least half of the women surveyed in each country say their ability to make their own economic decisions has improved compared to 10 years ago. At least half in every country except the US and Pakistan felt it was easier for them to communicate with their partner, and in most countries at least two-thirds of women said that social media had had a positive impact on their lives (although in the US and UK the this was below 50%.

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