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Women’s clashes with the state on specific examples. Dorota Brejza and Kamila Ferenc comment

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Attorneys Dorota Brejza and Kamila Ferenc talked in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 about their experiences related to women’s clashes with the state system. Brejza talked about the situation of her husband, and thus their family, being surveilled by the Pegasus system. – We believe that because the legal and moral truth is on our side, we will win this fight – she said. – At the FEDERA Foundation, we note situations in which women in Poland today do not have physical or health safety because there is no access to abortion care – said Ferenc.

In the latest poll carried out by Kantar for “Fakty” TVN and TVN24, respondents answered, among other things, the question about how the situation of women in Poland changed during the PiS government. 49 percent respondents believe that the situation of women has worsened during this time. 27 percent claims that during the rule of Law and Justice, the situation of women improved, and a 17 percent believes it has not changed. The answer “I don’t know/it’s hard to say” was given 7 percent surveyed.

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Dorota Brejza: our family was under surveillance, but today we are not helpless

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The situation of women in Poland in recent years was discussed in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 by attorney Dorota Brejza, a lawyer representing, among others, her husband, senator of the Civic Coalition Krzysztof Brejza, and attorney Kamila Ferenc, an attorney from the Foundation for Women and Family Planning FEDERA .

They were asked by the program host to present specific examples – from their experiences – of women’s clashes with the state system.

Dorota Brejza was the first to speak and recalled that her husband was under surveillance using the Pegasus system.

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– My husband was under surveillance with Pegasus during the 2019 election campaign as the chief of staff of the Civic Coalition, in a way that was incredibly perfidious because no one knew about it. The tool was incredibly invasive and completely unnoticeable to the phone user. In this way, apart from the fact that the entire Civic Coalition and the Civic Coalition headquarters were under surveillance, our family was also under surveillance – she said.

– This helplessness in the face of this situation, which we learned about after the fact, is truly overwhelming. However, we are no longer helpless. We fight against this state apparatus, we use the instruments we have, we do what we can and we absolutely do not feel like victims. On the contrary – we believe that because the legal truth and moral truth are on our side, we will win this fight. The question is not if, but when – said Dorota Brejza.

Ferenc: there are women in Poland who died just because they got pregnant in this country

Then, attorney Ferenc talked about cases of clash of women with the state system. – In my professional work, unfortunately, I have seen and still see and suspect that I will see such cases again and again. At the FEDERA Foundation, we note situations in which women in Poland today lack physical and health safety, because there is no access to abortion care, but also to perinatal care at an appropriate level. It’s all about gynecological care. Unfortunately, this is related to abortion restrictions – said the representative of the foundation.

She said that “women in Poland died only because they became pregnant here, in this country, because they were Polish citizens.” – These are the cases of Izabela from Pszczyna, Dorota from Nowy Targ, Mrs. Marta, Justyna, Mrs. Anna, Mrs. Agnieszka from Częstochowa. There are probably more, but these are only those that the media managed to document, she enumerated.

She also spoke about examples of clients who, as she said, “collided with police violence”. – This is Mrs. Joanna from Krakow, this is Mrs. Ola from Warsaw, this is Mrs. Justyna, she is not my client, from the abortion Dream Team, who was simply convicted for helping another woman – Kamila Ferenc continued.

Ferenc: Women in Poland died only because they got pregnant in this countryTVN24

Brejza: there was no such power in Poland that would make women suffer as much hell as PiS did

The interlocutors of the program also commented on the results of the survey for “Fakty” TVN and TVN24.

Dorota Brejza said that “unfortunately, this is not surprising.” – Almost 50 percent of people say the situation has gotten worse. There was no authority in Poland that would make women suffer as much as PiS did. What is happening at the moment in women’s issues is primarily the issue of abortion. There were no such protests in free Poland as those that followed the Constitutional Tribunal’s verdict in 2020. It wasn’t such a difficult situation, she said.

– Today, women are afraid of getting pregnant, they do not feel safe, they are afraid that if anything happens while a person is pregnant, they will not get medical help. After all, we know cases – the attorney talked about it – of women who died of sepsis because they did not receive medical care on time – continued attorney Brejza.

Dorota Brejza said that “we live in a state that controls women”. She assessed that it was “a manifestation of an authoritarian state, one of the faces of an authoritarian state.” – Authoritarianism hates freedom, it takes away this freedom step by step, in various areas of the state, in one way or another. However, in women’s matters, he controls the woman in turn. This is a very sad statistic, unfortunately, she explained.

Ferenc: I would be shocked if the results of this poll were different

Kamila Ferenc also commented on the survey results. – I would be shocked if the results of this survey were different. And I will be shocked if, firstly, women do not show up at the ballot box, and secondly, they do not show that they are against the usurpation of their rights, against putting them in a situation where they are not treated with dignity, are not treated as responsible, wise people, and above all, they are not provided with safety in the most important area, which is health, she said.

– The last eight years more or less coincide with my professional work in the area of ​​women’s rights, and unfortunately I must say that this lack of sense of security is also increasing, also in other areas, in the economic area. Today, there is no access to apartments, nurseries or kindergartens that are not commercial and not highly paid. There are no teachers, especially outside the big cities. There is no feeling that there will be a way to get the child to a care facility and where to take it, (there is a feeling that – editor) there will be no one to educate these children. There is also no sense of emotional security, because raising children is about relationships, she continued.

According to Ferenc, “the state has done nothing in recent years to prosecute domestic violence and improve the collection of alimony.” – Unfortunately, changes in the law and regulations are not enough, because someone still has to implement these regulations correctly – said the TVN24 interlocutor.

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